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    Interactual...no Sound

    Thanks for the reply. Not only is the product, interactual junk, so is the Roxio technical service. I'm junking the program and Roxio. Thanks
  2. Ralphie

    Interactual...no Sound

    The Power DVD does work fine. However, I was really interested in seeing what the "enhanced, interactive" stuff was on IA. Thanks for the reply! RJ
  3. Ralphie

    Interactual...no Sound

    Hi: I have Interactual 2.7. I have several DVD's with IA on them. I can play a DVD, I get video but no sound. Once in a while I may hear a "blip" of a sound but that's it. Also, the DVD says it has "enhanced" feature for which you need to be on the web, but when I try that, I get a "file missing" error. I am able to view and hear movies from the web with no problem. History: I have the latest video card driver (5/09) I have the latest sound card driver (4/09) I have the latest DirectX file (9.x) I have Windows XP SP3 Intel Duo Core 2.33G 2 Gig RAM I can play the DVD just fine on CyberLink Power DVD! However, I don't get the enhanced version stated on the DVD. I'm stuck! Ralphie