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    Key Code/serial Number

    Actually I meant the plastic container that the disk came in (like a movie). There is a cover on this plastic container and the words Serial Key: are printed on it. The problem is that the area after the colon is blank. There was nothing else in the "box" but air bags. The only number on the confirmation of the order e-mail was the order number. Thank you for replying but as I said, they have done this to me before. Only a lawyer's letter got it straightened out. Unless someone has a better idea I may have to go this route again.
  2. rossanderson

    Key Code/serial Number

    Mac question Neither my box or my Order Confirmation e-mail had a number on it. I have tried all of the conventional ways of getting through to Roxio including order number and password, and e-mail address and last 5 digits of my credit card. HELP --- I also went though this way back with toast 6. This is 10 Pro