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  1. hbricgor

    DVD TS error

    Toast create a dvd from TS enable to read on dvd player. it is my first attempt with snow leopard, toast 10 and ripit the rip was ok, toast is ok too I can read the DVD on my MAC , but on a classic dvd player the disk is in error how solve, and detect the cause? BR Richard
  2. hbricgor

    installation problem

    Hi thanks for your answer, yes I try tu copy a music Cd with one drive; I GOT A ANSWER FROM Roxio support telling in 7,02 they found also the problem. the solution available now is to delete all .PLIST file in the directory /your name/bibliotheque/preferences/ maybe an other name in English (I am using a Frecnh version). I hope it could help other BR Richard
  3. hbricgor

    installation problem

    I am new in MAC and in Toast 7. I bougth it last week and after installation, updates were proposed on the support site, I added the second one to get 7,02 and I did not loaded the other patch (security update...). now my system seem yto be ready and I tried to copy a music CD. the first phase started, and a copy phase is working, at the far end the CD reader stop and read again and never end>; I was obliged to force to quit the application. Is somebody experienced this situation and how get out ? have I to desinstall and redo ? BR Richard