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  1. This forum has helped me a lot in the past, and so I offer this as a suggested solution to the problem ejluvsrush describes in the opening post. This post may be too late to help ejluvsrush, but maybe it might help some others who are having trouble getting Roxio NXT PRO 3 to start up on Windows 10. It is not clear to me what the OFFICIAL position COREL/Roxio is on Windows 10 support. I know I'm out on the limb trying to run Roxio NXT PRO 3 on the latest Windows Insider Release of Windows 10, Build 14332. Up to about Build 11082 Roxio Creator 2012 and NXT3 Pro installed and worked fine on Win 10. Clean installs of Windows or Build to Build upgrades did not affect the Roxio programs, at least in my machine environment. Since Build 14295 however, I could not get a new install of Roxio NXT PRO to work. Roxio would install and the first time it started the registration pop-up would come up and take me through the registration process, but then it would quit with the error message ejluvsrush noted. By going to the Roxio folder in the Start screen, I could get individual componets of Roxio to start, with the exception for Video Wave and MyDVD. Both gave error messages about MSVCP110.dll, and MSVCR110.dll missing in my system. This was a good clue. I downloaded and installed the Visual C++ 2012 redistributable package from the Microsoft download center, both for x64 and x86. That solved the problem and now Roxio NXT PRO 3 is running on Windows 10 Bld 14332. I can only conclude that since about Win 10 Build 11082, MS has stopped including the Visual C++ 2012 package in the Windows install process. Before anyone picks up the torch to flame this post, let me just add that this "fix" worked me, it may not work in the future, it may not work for you, and I'm sure it is unsupported... but it may help others extend the usefulness of their software investment. No guarantees. I hope it helps someone. BTW, my Desktop is: ASUS z170-A Mobo Intel 6th gen i7 processor 16 GB Ram 512GB Samsung 950 M.2 SSD Multiple other SSDs Multiboot Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 RC 2012 and RC NXT Pro 3 on different Win 10 systems
  2. I too have bumped up against the mysterious maximum number of installs wall. When I try to install the Creator NXT Pro Program from a CD I get the message "You have used the Product Key too many times". The install program goes out to the Corel servers to check if I have a valid key and if I have not exceeded some secret number of installs. By the way, the counter is NOT decremented when the product is UNINSTALLED, or if you decide to delete the operating system partition it is currently installed on. I have tried calling Corel/Roxio several times but they have no idea about what is going on and the information they provide is USELESS and conflicting. You have heard about the left hand not knmowing what the right hand is doing. At this pinot in the Roxio/Corel merger, I'd say the pinky doesn't know what the thumb is up to. I have to get my install counter reset by technical support, but there is no way to get to technical support without a support code. Unfortunately, I registered the product before support codes came into existence so I don't have one. The new system won't let me re-register the product. I have to pay $25 to buy a support code for a product I already paid $80 for! Is this the new reality? I have never run into this before and I have been using Roxio products since I got hooked on EMC 6 in the late 90's. The interesting thing is that when you uninstall the product, the install counter is NOT decremented. I wanted to go from Windows 7 to Windows 8...too bad, you have exceeded the arbitrary number of installs. Please pay $25 or you can use the Program CD as a coaster. What a wonderful way to run a company. Now I don't have the product on either my Win 7 partition, or the Win 8 partition. BUYER BEWARE. The install program checks the install counter after the key is typed in. You must be connected to the internet (so I can check the counter) or the install program will stop. Has anyone found a way of reaching technical support without a support code so I can get the stupid counter reset? Using Option #2 with the technical support phone number posted on the Corel web site got me into an infinite phone mail loop. Thanks for any help you can provide. Tucker UPDATE: Corel Tech Support contacted me a few minutes after I posted the above. Within a VERY SHORT TIME they reset the install counter for me and I am back in business. They were professional in their communications and knew what they were doing. Nice job, Corel!
  3. Glad to see you on the forum Ivan. You have been a big help in the past.
  4. I'm seeing the same problem. The text from VideoWave productions created in C2012 Pro does not play in the Creator NXT Pro preview. I know Roxio never claimed there would be upward compatibility across versions. IMHO, this problem is a show stopper for any Roxio software upgrades.
  5. Just to close this problem out....I installed Service Pack 2 on Creator 2010. The background fill problem I was having with the Nvidia GT 240 card has been resolved. Installing SP2 seems to be the answer.
  6. Just to finish up on the problem resolution/bypass..... after trying several different versions of Nvidia drivers, I swapped video cards and put in an older Nvidia GF 7300 GT card I had. The problem with background fills went away. So in my case, the Nvidia GF 9500 GT card was triggering the problem.
  7. Tucker

    VideoWave and Proxy Files

    Thank you, Walt.
  8. Tucker

    VideoWave and Proxy Files

    Walt, The folder I was referring to is C:\Program Data\Roxio\VideoWave12\Images for the Win 7 and Vista environment. In XP its C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Roxio\VideoWave12\Images. The file contains some, but not all of the .jpg images from the storyline of a project. I am trying to understand what and when VideoWave uses the files for.
  9. Tucker

    VideoWave and Proxy Files

    Thanks Walt. That helps a lot in understanding a bit of how VW works. Do you know where the Images files (.jpg) in the Program Data folder come from? In an XP environment that are in a Docs & Settings\All Users\folder. Are they a result of some photo editing of the original images that were added to the storyline?
  10. Tucker

    VideoWave and Proxy Files

    I have a general question about VideoWave and its use of files to create the .dmsm project file. I notice that there are Image files (.JPG) in my Program Data folder, Proxy files (.PNG) which mimic the Image files, in my user app data folder and a .DAT files for each .DMSM file that is created. Of course there are the real photos and music file that are stored in the user libraries. Can any one explain how all the objects are inter-related? I notice that the user has an option in the VideoWave Options to specify where the Proxy files are kept. Is that just for space management. Are these generated when an image or .mp3 file is added to the production. Where are the production thumbnails kept? So many questions. Is there an after market book like "Creator 20XX Unleashed" that explains all or part of this? Any answers that the community might be able to provide would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks Gary. I booted into a Vista 32-bit system. I also booted into a Win 7 32-bit Pro system. The problem exists in the Win 7 32-bit system also, so it doesn't seem to be related to 64-bit drivers. I also have the latest Nvidia drivers installed in all three systems. I'd be interested in knowing if the problem exits in a Win7 -ATI card system.
  12. Well folks, I opened this topic to see if anyone else was having a problem with this one aspect of VideoWave in C2010. I see that there. I'm hoping that Roxio folks are reading the forums and working on the fix for the next Service Pack. I know they put 4 SP's out on C2009 and 1 already on C2010. C2009 was the first product from Roxio that I saw that had incremental service released for it. I guess they are getting a little more customer focused. This is one of the better support forums I've been a part of and it did have a WIN7 section during the public beta of Win7, much more than some other software sites offered. Enough on that..... I tried a little experiment on C2010. I built a new project using C2010 on win 7 x64 Pro. It has 10 photos of various sizes and orientations. I put various transitions between them and set the background fill to be a gradient of three colors. When I previewed the project, the background fill did not appear at all. I removed some of the transitions, and the frames that followed the blank transitions DID have the background fill. I booted Vista SP2 on the SAME machine and ran the project in C2010. Everything worked fine, with and without transitions. My conclusion is that there is a bug in C2010 that applies to Win7 x64 (and perhaps to Win7 x86) when a project employs both transitions and background fills. The Nvidia card was present to both Vista and Win7 operating environments so I don't know if it is relevant to the problem. I guess it could be an AND condition with Win7. What's the best way to bring this bug to Roxio's attention?
  13. Thanks for the insight folks. Believe me, it helps. That's a good description of the problem I'm having, Ski-bum. Does it seem to be related to the type of transition that precedes the frame, i.e. action or dissolve? I hadn't paid attention to that parameter. And you are experiencing it with a new project? What version of Windows 7? I'm going to have to do a little more experimenting.
  14. Thanks for your response. Let me see if I can clarify what it is I am asking. The VW that I was referring to is the standalone product included in the Roxio Creator/EMC packages. When I talk about "playing " the files, I mean viewing the project in the preview window using the CD control buttons on the bottom of the preview pane. I am not using the VW that is part of the MyDVD project. I agree, putting the dmsm project files into MyDVD should be the last thing done before rendering and burning. As for the projects I am trying to move to the 2010 product, several contain over 100 images, a few videos, sound tracks, sound effects, transitions from simple to 3D, pan and zoom effects, text boxes with animations, etc. It took a lot of work to put them together and I don't want to rebuild them from scratch. If I have to tweak a few things, that's OK. The projects seem to migrate fine from C2009 to C2010 in the XP and Vista environments. In Win7 most of the stuff works as well, except for the background fill. Again, background fill migrates fine in the XP and Vista environments. One caveat though, I have not tried to render any of these projects using MyDVD yet. However, I can play dmsp files created in C2009 in the C2010 environment, so I am hopeful that step will work OK. Perhaps you answered my question and I have been lucky to get working what I did get working. Do you know that Roxio's official position is to not support upward compatibility between releases? It sure leaves the customer between a rock and a hard place, wanting to move to an officially supported product on Windows 7, and not wanting or being able to, recreate weeks of work to get there.
  15. I have several VideoWave files (.dmsm) that were built using Creator 2009 on Vista SP2. Since not all the images filled the screen, I turned on background fill in the project settings dialog. I upgraded to Creator 2010. These old files seem to run fine on my Vista system. They also work on XP SP3 with Creator 2010. I tried running them on a Windows 7 system with Creator 2010. The background fill shows up inconsistently while playing the movie. If I stop the movie and reset the project setting, the fill reappears for a few images, then turns off if the image aspect ratio changes. As soon as I close the movie, it resets to its original status as there is no why to save the changes to the project settings since the "save" option is grayed out. Has anyone seen this happen? Is this a bug? I am using Win 7 x64 with Creator 2010 Sp1. I have an Intel Q6600 processor with a Nvidia 9500 GT video card, 4GB memory and 1.5 TB of disk space.