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    Why is MYDVD running DOG SLOW?

    Yep, I disabled about everything, virus software etc, also set Windows to performance (shutting off all the animated windows and such). The file is aTIVO file which MyDVD converts to DSMD to work with, its about an hour and a half long, 4634 meg. I have two new big SATA drives that are clean, bunches of RAM.
  2. wayne_batchelor

    Why is MYDVD running DOG SLOW?

    Thanks, did that already, still crawls
  3. wayne_batchelor

    Why is MYDVD running DOG SLOW?

    I am taking a movie from my TIVI and breaking it into chapters but everything is running incredibly slow and locking up. Takes forever to open the movie for editing, sometimes locking, and anyaction takeis way slow...such as movin my position in a timeline, takes over five minutes just to move the marker. Try and run a "split" and it takes over fifteen minutes and may just lock up. I have a 3 GHZ dual core processor with 2 gig of ram, PCIE Nvidea card with 256 meg. shouldn't be running this slow...anyone have an idea of how to fix?