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  1. Sherwin


    You're the first person that has answered my question. Is there a different program that can do the transitions changes?
  2. Sherwin


    How do I embed four different "styles" in my photoshow instead of using just one?
  3. Sherwin

    Can't access my Photoshow 5

    I keep getting a message that says "Photoshow has encountered a problem & needs to close." and then I get: Photoshow.exe application error; The instruction of "ox10002d70" referred memort at oxoo2e7261, the memory could not be written. I don't have a clue as to what that means. I just know I can't use photoshow 5. Please help. Thanks.
  4. Sherwin

    Photoshow 5 crashes

    Photoshow 5 crashes when I do the following. > Click on "Make" > Click on "Create a Photoshow" > Wait for 5-10 seconds and it crashes. Any idea what could be causing it?
  5. Sherwin

    want to delete photoshow 6

    how do I delete photoshow 6 because it seems to interfere with photoshow 5 on my computer
  6. Sherwin

    photoshow 5

    I was working on photoshow 5 and it encountered a problem so I uninstalled it and re-installed it and it's still happening. What should I do?
  7. Sherwin

    Photoshow 6

    I'm trying to put together a slide show using Photoshow 6. I put the animated football in the beginning but I can't turn it off. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Sherwin

    Animated Slide Show

    I just purchased Photoshow 6 and I really like the animations that can be included like the football or the soccer animations. However, I want to stop the animation in the middle of the show and either add a different animation or just continue with my slide show without the first animation. There doesn't seem to be a way to do it except to have the first animation go throughout the entire slide show. Can anyone offer any advice?