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  1. Brendon: Thank you for the above reply. The Preview screen was there after the fix but it was not a "Re-Appear" as I don't know if it was missing before the fix. I was checking if EMC10 had a Preview Screen when the app would not let EMC10 start because the drives were not available. As for trying the Fix on my Win10 machine, I hesitate because I have 2 Roxio Apps there and I don't know which one(s) it would affect. I may yet try it. My XP machine (EMC10) has 2 DVD drives that can play Music CDs but cannot play a DVD Movie. Device Manager says they both have the best available drivers and are Enabled. The DVDs show the Movie title and using "Open" shows the Movie files but they won't play with VLC; an error occurs. Anywho, that's life with computers. I've been doing PCs for 40 years (70s), starting with Sinclair, Commodore, TI and then IBM type. I've seen a lot of problems. Regards, Ted
  2. I have 2 Roxio products: Creator 2011 Pro and Creator Pro NXT3 on my Win10 machine. Both previously had a Preview Screen when Ready to Capture, but now there is just an empty spot where the Preview Screen was. I can still capture OK, but only hear the sound. Capture and Playback are OK but no Preview Screen any more. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Ted Springfield, MA
  3. My EMC10 Suite now reports "All your drives are set to disabled" and doesn't continue loading the main program. Iv'e not added or changed anything for over 2 years All my drives are enabled and accessible. Any ideas for this? Thank you
  4. Tadju50

    EMC10 Says Drives Are Disabled

    This worked for me today on my XP Media machine with Roxio Media Creator 10. I was then able to verify that "Capture Video" had a preview screen, unlike another post of mine that still does not.. Sorry it took so long to get to do it. Thank you, Ted Springfield, MA 7-31-2020
  5. The Capture input section of Creator Pro 2011 has a few quality type selections like DVD HQ, DVD SP etc. Although the input video is HD, the Captured Video (DVD HQ) is only 720x480 an aspect ratio of 1.5 very similar to 4x3, no where near HD Full Screen. I also have NXT3 which has the same capture quality selections. How can I capture higher quality Video like 720p or 1080p if the input is such ? Thank you for any replies. Ted Springfield, MA
  6. Tadju50

    Roxio Capture Resolution

    Hello Brendon: Thank you for the quick reply. With Roxio 11 Pro CAPTURE, I am inputting 1280x720 or 1920x1080 video but 'DVD HQ' Output is only 720x480 with Roxio. So I do not get a wide screen output result. I am going to try different Capture software like Pinnacle 21. I will let you know how I make out. I've been doing this PC stuff for 35 years. Regards, Ted Springfield, MA
  7. Tadju50

    Videowave Crash

    It has been a while since your original post. If you still have and use Roxio, I ask that you see my suggested fix here under "Split From - Videowave in Roxio 2011 Pro Stops Working" and try it and let me know if it works for you. Please advise. Thank you.
  8. Roxio 11 Pro - Create DVDs - MyDVD Much has been written about "VideoWave has stopped working" with suggestions but no causes or solutions. My solution is: Create a folder C:\MyNextDVD Copy the files for your project there and shorten the names if they are long. Start Roxio "Create DVDs" and go there to select your files for "Add New Movie" or "Add Slideshow". You should be able to add movies and slideshows and edit them without VideoWave stopping. It took me 5 years and 2 divorces to come up with this. Please note me as to whether this helps you OR not. Thank you, Determined
  9. When I am finished editing music audio, the left-hand pane offers "Burn Audio Disk" but when I click it, it keeps asking for a blank disk. "Burn Audio Disk" is also in the "File" toolbar menu but does the same thing, keeps asking to insert a blank disk. I am inserting blank disks. Any ideas or confirmation of this problem ? Thank you for any reply. I using 2011 Creator Pro and "Burn Audio Disk" in the Sound Editor would be a real helpful time saver.
  10. Yes I am using quality 80min 700MB CDs by Maxell, Sony and Memorex. Roxio Sound Editor "Burn Audio Disk" says "Insert Blank Disk" each time. I have made many Audio CDs using this laptop CD-DVD RW burner and Windows 7 Media Player. But there is another development since your note: I tried my USB external CD-DVD Burner with the same disks and it "Burned Audio CD" from Roxio Sound Editor OK. So it appears the Roxio Sound Editor sees the internal drive disk as "Not Blank" while it sees the external drive disk as "Blank and Ready". Thank you for your response as it got me thinking.
  11. Further, I am using the C2011Pro with WIN7 Home Premium. Thank you.
  12. Roxio 2011 Pro: When I make a MyDvd project with say 4 items (slideshows & movies) in the opening menu and select Preview, a different item plays rather than any one I select. I create the 4 items in order, I do not reshuffle them. When I make the DVD, they play in order or as selected. I have been making MyDvd projects for a few years. Any suggestions please. Thank you.
  13. Tadju50

    Wrong Chapter Plays In Mydvd Preview

    Actual burns and isos are ok, it is just previewing the project before burning it that is out of order. The project fits to HQ quality setting with 443.5 MB Free and 6m18s remaining. Of your 25K+ posts, how many K were "This is not the place for questions" ?