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    Split From Hijacked Thread

    I am having the same problem. Tried several of the suggestions on this forum. Nothing works. I have 44 shows on my Photo Show Web site. I am a little (shall I say mad). I worked hard with the pictures and the music I select is half as important as the pictures. All together it tells a story. Without the music it is not any good. Can some one please see what can be done to fix this issue. Any more suggestions?? I can send a copy of any of the shows for you to see. It is just like the rest of the peoples complaints. A few pictures with the music then silence................
  2. fawnlite

    Split From Hijacked Thread

    I have been trying things for days to get my photo shows to play the music.. I have 44 shows on my photo show site and none on them now play my mp3's. Each show was done carefuly and the music is just as important to me as the pictures. I tell a story with pictures and song. Any help out there? I have done the flash role back thing, I have changed from fire fox to explorer. Nothing is working........Please some one give me direction. Will include a show if you need to see what I am talking about Rhonda Lloyd