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    Stuck At 99%

    I opened Toast today to do a bunch of archives and I was asked to update. I did so. Now I have a 99% disk stuck in my disk drive. Had never run into this problem before. Not a happy camper.
  2. pammm56

    Why doesn't Check for Updates work?

    ...when, within Toast, I check for updates it says I have the latest version (which is supposedly 10.0.4). What the point of having Check for Updates if it doesn't realize there is an update?
  3. pammm56

    A problem with iMovie

    If the text track is removed all the clips which so nicely would be recognized as chapters come in as one horribly long clip.
  4. pammm56

    A problem with iMovie

    iMovie 08 rejected my 120 minutes of video which came into the Mac quite fine. I finished by sending it to iMovie. iMovie shows the project, but rejects the whole file. I also created a .mov file which seems to be workable in Quicktime (and it 11GB), but iMovie doesn't like it either.