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  1. This may or may not be related to the Label Creator problem, but the Install Shield updater gives Error -3 when looking for updates. Doug
  2. My system behaves EXACTLY the same, blank page and all. Doug This is in Vista SP1 . It happens with both Sonic Express or Roxio label creator. But any other program I have that uses the printer works perfectly. This is with Any label style, with or without graphics, from blank template or a Roxio supplied template. No need to worry about wasting supplies here, it never puts any ink on the paper ! Doug
  3. I'm not sure what would give you the idea that I am trying to print a light scribe label. I am not. I have tried using blank templates or several of the Roxio templates included. I have no lightscribe burner nor lightscribe software or templates I do not know where the lightscribe error is coming from, as there is NOTHING lightscribe installed in the computer ! This problem appeared with EMC 10, it did not exist with ezcd 9 on this machine.
  4. Why would I install drivers for Lightscribe ? The system DOES NOT HAVE a Lightscribe drive ? ie: there is NO drive capable of Lightscribe installed in the box, nor has ther ever been. I could print fine to labels before un installing the LE version of Creator 9 and installing the Deluxe version 10 which I bought. This is not when printing to a disc (I have no printable discs), I am just trying to print to paper or a label. It happens with both the HP laserjet and the Epson inkjet.
  5. Sytem is a Dell XPS 630. Using EMC 10 Label creator, I cannot print to the installed printers. (HP Color Laserjet 2605 and a Epson R320) This is when trying to print to paper labels. The printers will do the test page and alignment setup. but when I print a label, A Lightscribe "The Drive is already in use and cannot be Selected" Error appears. The biggest problem is The system does not contain a lightscribe drive, and never has. This error renders Label Creator unusable. Please help .
  6. When I add an image to my label, and rotate that image 90 or 180 degrees, that image will only print in its original orientation, not in the rotated one, whis is on screen. This is when using Xp sp2, Epson Stylus R320, and printing to CD with the R300 choice as the printer. Any ideas, besides doing my rotating in Photoshop before I import the background