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    USB Turntable not found

    Thanks guys, I'll give these suggestions a try. If none of them work I can always get a cable, pull my old turntable and stereo out of storage and hook them up. I was just trying to avoid that because I really don't have room for the amp and speakers.
  2. BeerJohn

    USB Turntable not found

    Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 AMD Athlon X2 2500 Mhz 2 GB RAM I tested with the program that came with the turntable and it recognizes the turntable and records. The problem there is that you have to record each track one at a time and am trying to avoid that. John
  3. BeerJohn

    USB Turntable not found

    One of the reasons I purchased this expensive product is to convert LPs to wav files and turn them into CDs. I have a USB turntable and the Digitize LPs and Tapes not only does not find my turntable it does not find my on board sound card either. The Capture From combo box is blank and the only thing available in the Input combo box is Microphone. What am I missing here?