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    Updating Toast to 9.0.7

    This is the software that came with Easy VHS to DVD for Mac.
  2. Each time I open Toast I get a message that there's an upgrade to 9.0.7. I click to learn more but get sent to an ad for Toast 10. For the life of me I can't find the 9.0.7 download on the website. Where is it?
  3. JWMjr

    Returning To Video File

    so i only have that one opportunity (right after ingesting the video) to get it into iMovie? if i want to import another video, i no longer have the iMovie option?
  4. After ingesting a video from VHS, I selected to import another video. So how do I go back to that original video and view it in iMovie or Quicktime? Opening it with those apps doesn't work, they say it isn't a valid movie file.