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  1. Each time I open Toast I get a message that there's an upgrade to 9.0.7. I click to learn more but get sent to an ad for Toast 10. For the life of me I can't find the 9.0.7 download on the website. Where is it?
  2. JWMjr

    Updating Toast to 9.0.7

    This is the software that came with Easy VHS to DVD for Mac.
  3. JWMjr

    Returning To Video File

    so i only have that one opportunity (right after ingesting the video) to get it into iMovie? if i want to import another video, i no longer have the iMovie option?
  4. After ingesting a video from VHS, I selected to import another video. So how do I go back to that original video and view it in iMovie or Quicktime? Opening it with those apps doesn't work, they say it isn't a valid movie file.