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  1. No, you never really stated what version you were using :unsure: I know you were not being deliberately misleading but as you can see it is important to be exact in stating what version is being used. It avoids a lot of confusion (which is to a great extent Roxio/Sonics fault because of the silly naming system), time wasting and frustration.

    Well I did in post #3, here is my statement-----

    "I have have Easy Media Creator 10 too. The drop down list still shows the "without menu" option but does not let me select it."


  2. EMC 10 is not Win7 certified!


    By posting in the 2010 area you have misled all of these people trying to help you as they are giving you answers based on software that is 2 versions beyond what you even have!


    My apologies...I did state the correct version at one point and I appreciate what I learned. I was certainly not intending to mislead anyone.

  3. EMC 10 and Creator 2010 have different menus when "Sending to myDVD" and behave differently. So lets first make sure what program you are really using. Do you have both programs and which one are you using?


    Another option is to save your Videowave project as a dmsm project file. Then exit Videowave and launch myDVD, then select New Project/DVD, no menus.


    THis works in both programs. If you don not get the "DVD, no menus" option then maybe you have only a OEM version which may have this and other features disabled or missing. Another possibility is of course a "corrupt" install.



    I have EMC 2010 and it is the retail version. I always create a dmsm file so I did as you said and opened My DVD and from there I chose new DVD, no menu. When I pointed to the dmsm file the program crashed. Good approach...I guess I will have to try a reinstall.

  4. I upgraded to Windows 7 and am having a problem. First I create a slideshow with music in Videowave, then I click on the DVD icon that takes me to "Burn with My DVD Express." The Disc format menu does not let me choose "DVD-no menu"-- I have burned hundreds of shows and have never had this problem before. I really need this option and any help would be greatly appreciated.