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  1. Not really (I don't understand) because I have now replaced the two files in question and the problem condition(s) remains unchanged.
  2. Those files (there were only two) were already installed in C:\ProgramData\Roxio\VideoWave13\Plugins\ sub-folder. Naturally, an attempt to copy the new files showed they already existed as well. Thus, I did not replace the original file. I suspect the verbose log file content would tell an engineer the real story. I searched through those files using the word "Failed" and found a number of entries containing info that appears related to effects. Unfortunately, I don't have knowedge of the Roxio software architect. I'd attach the log files here but they appear too large for forum distribution. I appreciate the feedback. Sidebar to sknis: I finally resolved to use the Revo Uninstaller and try the third clean re-install (original implementation was clean too) of Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. I'm sorry being able to say that the problem still prevailed. But, you are right, something is either not being installed or is being improperly installed. It just blows me away (in a nice way) that all the effects actually function and produce the video editing results they should.
  3. Before replying to the quoted post above, please allow me to amplify the original problem definition with a little background info: Sidebar 1: I used Roxio Creator 2009 for a year before upgrading to Roxio Creator 2010 Pro. Implementation went smoothly and I did not experience this condition in either case. About a year later, I upgraded to Roxio Creator 2011 Pro and the condition emerged but several other reasons caused me to return the 2011 version for a full refund. I continued to use Roxio Creator 2010 Pro until this upgrade (almost another year later). Sidebar 2: The key reason for upgrading to Roxio Creator 2012 related to menu controls (buttons and highlights) in MyDVD12 and earlier versions of Creator software (well known to many of you). That problem DOES NOT EXIST in MyDVD13 distributed in the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro package. Sidebar 3: Operationally, the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro installation process had all appearences of running flawlessly, Start to Finish. I've spent the past 10+ days since installation conducting trials to check out the major software components I use; i.e. VideoWave13, MyDVD13 and CinePlayer. All have proven to perform smoothly while producing satisfactory results. The issue addressed in the opening of this thread relates to a simple display of effects selections within VideoWave13, where each selection performs flawlessly upon selection. So, the software knows a lot about the location as demonstrated by the fact that a click on the green arrow of any selection demonstrates the effect, still or in motion, whichever the case for a particular effect. After the effect is demonstrated, the image remains visible for the particular selection. Clicking Ok properly applies the effect to the video timeline. Again, the problem is the puzzling ? displayed in lieu of the graphics representation. Even more puzzling is the fact that, after demonstrating an effect, the graphics representation remains visible (displayed) as it should always be seen. So, the software definitely knows something about the location of the files involved. Having said that, twice I have done Repairs followed by clean uninstalls/re-installs; none of which made any difference. Thus, I DO NOT intend to repeat the process without first altering some currently unknown condition(s) that has reasonable potential for resolving the problem. Reply to sknis providing the info reuested: A readout of the VideoUI\Content folder is seen in the attached info. Software components of the Roxio Creator 2012 Pro implementation are the only Roxio products installed on my computer. The attached info and the info attached to the post that opens this thread reflect the answer to the language question. (Both Windows and Roxio Creator 2012 Pro are installed in the English language.) (Note: Fortunately, this is a non-critical issue but it is definitely pesky and counter-productive when applying effects to a video timeline. Thus, I'd love to resolve the issue.)
  4. ******** Post content deleted by samg ... Replacement post made ******** No idea how to remove the attached info.
  5. Does anyone know whether or not this condition relates to ActiveX usage within Roxio Software?
  6. To answer all the rudimentary questions: Yes, on the C: drive. Yes, 138 GB of free space. The question mark alludes that something is missing but I need to know exactly what and why. Start to finish, the software installs clean presenting nothing to indicate otherwise. (Please read the problem definition that opened this thread again. Except for the graphics display (as shown by example), each effect selection is fully functional. To repeat myself, even the effect displays upon clicking the green arrow in the lower righthand corner of a selection.) I followed the suggestion and made a third verification using the Roxio KB preparation guidelines before running a third repair that improved nothing. No, Norton Antivirus software was disabled. No registry cleaner in use. No; I use Norton Internet Surity and Antivirus software. I always disable the software before installing new software and have experienced no problems (that I can tell) in that regard.
  7. We must be referring to two distinctly different problems because the problem I experienced does not exist in Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. MyDVD13 worked flawlessly for the way I use the software. Thanks for replying though.
  8. 1. All the recording modes for that camera end in P. 2. True for DVD projects only but the rendered videos are used in other applications that don't recognize Roxio project file formats.
  9. 1. I followed the preparation steps during the first install, the installation of which went without incident. 2. After encountering the condition in the editor, I checked again before running a repair which did nothing to resolve the condition. 3. Then I did a clean uninstall and re-installed RC 2012 (just like the first time). Still to no avail. (Note: It is really odd (to me) that the editor is working fine otherwise. In other words, all features of VideoWave13 that I use have proven to function fine with this one exception which is actually non-critical to video editing and production.) I'll seriously consider your suggestion of repeating the process but not sure I'll do that without identifying and changing some condition beforehand that has potential for being the source of the problem. Thanks; I appreciate the feedback.
  10. A week ago I installed the Physical package of Roxio Creator Pro 2012. Implementation went trouble free. During practical application, a (somewhat) minor caveat emerged with the VideoWave13 editor, to wit: Under "Add Content", the Add Text Effects, Add Overlays, Add Video Effects, Add Transitions, and Apply Transition Themes. Each selection appears as a large question mark (?) inside a blank page icon (thumbnail size) along with a small, green arrow in the lower, right-hand corner of the icon instead of the corresponding graphics representation. (Sample display attached.) The proper title for each effect appears below the icon. Clicking on the little green arrow reveals the proper graphics representation (in motion when motion applies) for the selected effect. Clicking on the arrow of a different effect causes the previous selection to clear (close) as it reveals the currently selected effect. Each selected effect appears to function properly as they are applied on the video timeline. Does anyone have any idea about what might be causing this user-unfriendly condition to occur? That would be big help but I'd be happier to pursue a known viable solution! (Note: Experience showed Roxio Creator Pro 2010 displaying a graphics representation for each effect in lieu of the blank page icon.)
  11. You also made the correct assumption and the original post has been edited to correct that mistake. (Here I corrected the quote above to read 1920x1080 in lieu of 1920x1020.) To clarify: 1920x1080 is the format set for video editors when assembling and rendering video clips that are subsequently used to produce a playable movie. I chose that approach so that (hopefully) all my videos were formatted and ready should I ever decide to produce Blu-Ray movies at a later date. (Not saying my approach is the best nor easiest way; just my way of doing things. And yes, I spend a lot of time at the computer keyboard and my computer spends countless hours converting and/or rendering videos, but for me, the final products are worth the effort. Incidentally, I use a Canon Vixia HF S21 camcorder with a wide-angle lens to shoot video clips in .MTS format with the camcorder set on FX rather than MX.)
  12. Thanks for pointing that out Jim. And, you are correct, it should have been read "HQ"! (For correct readability, I'll go back and edit the opening post.) [Edit completed.]
  13. Answer to first part: I fail to find where I wrote the quoted info (in other words I don't see where I included "..in HD format" in that quote.) Answer to second part: Nope, it was the same identical project file; (1) previewed after assembly with player controls being invisible, (2) closing the file, (3) uninstalling/re-installing C2010, opening the project file, (4) previewing the project file with player controls visible, and (5) finally rendering the movie to a DVD file folder. Nothing more and nothing less and the movie plays fine with player controls fully functional and visible. I'd dearly love for some to to specifically identify what, if anything, is on my system that could conceivably be conflicting with C1020 MyDVD software. (I said previously within this thread that I do not do Blu-Ray DVDs but, given the number of DVDs I've successfully produced, be assured that I understand DVD formats supported by C2010 MyDVD software.)
  14. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, None of the above applies since all my DVDs are 1h:6m or less in length (trimmed if necessary to fit within the maximum allowed for a particular HQ, single-layer standard DVD), NTSC 16:9 format. (DVD space used and available is clearly visible at the bottom of the main MyDVD page during assembly). I do a progressive burn on all my DVDs. Incidentally, videos I use to produce DVDs are all rendered in 1920x1080 format. I've run many tests and previewed the results played back on both a wide-screen TV and another with regular dimensions. In both cases, the settings I described above have proven to produce the best results for playing back wide screen formatted movies. I've shared a few DVDs with a friend in New Zealand (among other friends and family members) and none have experienced problems viewing the DVDs I produce. Currently, my DVD library contains 68 DVDs created using the configuration described above and all play fine with the cursor visible. A number of them were produced after a clean uninstall/re-install to resolve the invisible cursor issue. What causes player controls to disappear during assembly is a great mystery to me. I've spent countless hours trying to identify the cause. When I opened this thread, I was sitting at the keyboard with a MyDVD project pending because the player cursor was invisible. In other words, the DVD burn (MyDVD) project was ready for rendering except the play menu controls were invisible. Want to hear something real funny? I decided this morning to go ahead and do one more clean uninstall/re-install (I've lost count of the number of times I've done this over the past few months) while waiting for C2012 to arrive. Afterwards, I loaded the project and "Bingo!", the player controls were visible and functioning perfectly, exactly as set to function. Incidentally, the Leaves menu template was used and I changed absolutely nothing to make the player controls reappear except to do a clean uninstall/re-install of C2010. (In the past, I have occasionally replaced the menu background but I've never had an occasion to think that influenced the player controls.) As I type this reply, the DVD is burning (the bell just rang that it was finished) and it will play back (like all the others) in perfect fashion, complete with play controls visible exactly the way they were set to play. (I just used Windows Media Player to play the .VOB file containing the menu and the pretty little leaf control button was visible and worked like a charm!) But, true to form, as with many, many times past, the cursor will once again become invisible during assembly using MyDVD C2010. And I'll have not a clue as to why. I may be beating dead horse by now, but my menus are relatively simple (Main menu only, maximum of 8 movie selections) and movie selections are set to play from the selection point to the end of the last selection on the menu (in movie fashion) before returning to the menu. If what I have just written makes no sense to the reader, perhaps it is because the issue makes absolutely no sense to me beyond experiencing a severe software flaw. Sometimes we can work around a software flaw, sometimes we can't. That's all I know to say about this issue unless someone has a specific question to ask.
  15. Thanks, Jim. I am resolved to wait and see how C2012 works out. This thread was initiated to seek clarification on the requirements listed for 2012 (to which I received a satisfactory answer) as opposed to resolving an software issue. Perhaps I opened the thread in the wrong forum.