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  1. Using Creator NXT Pro 2 and have used Roxio products for some years. My last two productions do not "output" correctly when I am trying to convert to a file format compatible with YouTube. There are missing frames or black screens at random places. I have also tried to use the output - direct upload to Youtube and get the same results.....missing frames and pictures. I thought it might be a transition issue as I am using the potluck feature for entering the transitions. Changing them did not help though. The production runs fine in the Roxio format; but that is not compatible with YouTube. I have done this conversion many times in the past and not had this problem. Is there a program update I need? Platform: Windows8.2
  2. The total project is only 58 panels; problems start at panel # 11, Resolution is 72; file size 4.53 mb. Also have problems with panel 22 and 23, same camera, same resolution, same size, etc. I am sure you realize that the .dmsm extension is not supported at Youtube.com; therefore the Roxio production has to be converted to a different format; ie. mpeg4. The problems are occurring when I attempt to make this conversion. I have done this conversion a number of times in the past and not had this problem.
  3. When you say try a 1 pixel blur to the images by right clicking on the ones that are missing> I don't see any option like that when I right click them inside the Roxio program. After using the "edit" photo option and trying "auto fix"' still screwing up.
  4. Hmm, it does seem to be be the same pictures, which were taken with the same camera as the other pictures, same settings, resolution, size, etc. Will try the one pixel blur.
  5. On May 31, My DVD10 Premier started having problems burning to the DVD with the error message that Videowave had to shut down. I have also tried the update and then lost all the other applications. Have tried to reinstall from the original disc and then it won't let me in the program. I have a ticket number from customer support, but they have not answered and I don't believe they will. Does anyone know how to reach customer support via phone?