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    Problems Installing toast10PRO Won't accept CD KEY#

    THANK YOU IVAN!!!! You are the Man! Problem solved. It turns out that my unopened retail box of Toast 10 PRO did not come with a sticker on the CD SLEEVE that has the key code for the Toast 10 application. My CD sleeve was blank. The insert card that comes in the box contains several listed key codes, and since the CD sleeve was blank on my copy of Toast 10 PRO I figured the first key code labeled CD KEY # must be the code for the Toast 10 application. Wrong. The code marked CD KEY# is actually the HD/BD Plugin code for Toast 10, and not the application key code. Thank you so much Ivan for helping me out, because Customer Support was poor at best. Below was my entry to Customer Service. To Customer Support on my open web ticket: I could no longer wait on you guys dragging your feet on this issue. It turns out the Ivan the moderator on the forum was exactly right. I did not receive a key code for the Toast 10 application that is suppose to be located on the CD sleeve itself and NOT the insert card. My CD sleeve was blank. I took matters into my own hands and took the retail box back to the store and explained the situation. They were kind enough to give me a new box, and sure enough there is a key code sticker on the CD Sleeve that is for the Toast 10 application. I installed the program without issue once I had the key code for the application. This thread should go to someone in charge of Customer Service, because my experience here was poor at best. Why did Ivan know right away that the CD code was suppose to be on the sleeve, and you guys did not? Then on top of all this to continue to tell me to reinstall my OS even after I said that was not an option was very poor Customer Service. I was also not listened to when I asked to have this ticket up-leveled to a more advanced tech. Instead I was left on my own, and thank God Ivan was able to help. I was not listened to when I asked for a new key code, or when I asked for a list of the files Toast 10 installs. The very first law of Customer Service is to LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER! Techs kept asking me to repeat the same steps I had already tried because they did not take the time to read the history of the web ticket. Then even when I discovered the problem by the grace of Ivan's message, you guys drag your feet in issuing me an application key code! All in all an extremely poor rating of your Customer Service.
  2. Soul Realm

    Problem with Upgrading to Toast 10.02 with MacOS 10.5

    This up to date version of Toast 10 is a full install, not just an update. My understanding is you should be able to do a clean install after downloading the latest version and input your key code. Here is the link Toast 10
  3. Soul Realm

    Problems Installing toast10PRO Won't accept CD KEY#

    I think presumed a lot there. The tech has all the information he needs to troubleshoot the problem. The problem is that Roxio Customer Support is trying to wash their hands of dealing with the problem by telling me to reinstall my OS. This isn't an OS problem, it is a mistaken and missplaced safeguard that was put in place by toast10 PRO. There is some file that still remains on my computer, even after all signs of toast in any version has been trashed, that is rejecting the known good key code. The safeguard was probably designed to keep the key code from being used twice, or there is some other type of lock out still in a file somewhere not allowing the key code to be accepted. The key code has not been used twice on separate computers, but there was a glitch in the first install that I had to abort, so somehow the file thinks it is time to lock any code out. I even went back to the retail store and they were nice enough to provide me with a new key code, but it has the same lock out result. I have no problems with my OS with any other program other than this new version of toast10. My OS will accept other program's key codes when installing, so it isn't an OS problem that requires a complete reinstall of the OS. It just seems that the low level Customer Support ran out of the play book of known fixes, and so when all else fails tell the customer to reinstall their OS. That is a sure way to get rid of them right? This problem needs to be up-leveled to a more advanced tech that actually has an interest in helping out a long time Roxio / Toast customer. I have asked for a list of the files that toast10 PRO installs so at least I can work on the problem to try and find what file remains on my system, but as of yet Roxio Customer Service has not even provided me with that.
  4. Soul Realm

    Problems Installing toast10PRO Won't accept CD KEY#

    Hi Ivan Thanks for your interest in helping me out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Support can't seem to figure it out, and now they are giving suggestions designed to make me go away. I am pretty familiar with computers, and have asked to at least get a list of the files that are installed with toast10 PRO that would not get removed during uninstall / or trashing the program. The key code is being inputted correctly, I even provided a screen shot to confirm that. I have tried a different key code with the same result, so it does not look like a key code issue. It seems to be an unknown preference file, or some other change toast10 PRO made to my system causing it to reject the code and not allowing the "Continue" button to light up to continue the install / registration. I have tried all the known fixes like deleting the known preference files and reinstalling etc.. , also creating a new user account, but all the known fixes don't work so I am looking for an advanced tech that has an interest in helping me out. Thanks for your help. Main open ticket is 746588 Sub supporting open tickets 747491, 747518, and 747530.
  5. Soul Realm

    Problems Installing toast10PRO Won't accept CD KEY#

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I have inputted the key correctly. Tech support has been pretty disappointing so far on this issue. I seem to be stuck in low level tech support where the same known fixes keep being repeated back to me. Does anyone know how to determine what preference and other files toast 10 PRO installs during setup?
  6. Hello I am new to this forum. I am working with tech support on this, but as of this writing I still cannot install toast10 PRO on my Intel MacBook Pro. When I first purchased toast10 PRO I installed it, but when I went to register it by entering the CD KEY#, the software will not recognize the key code. The "Continue" button remains grayed out. I took the software back to the retail outlet, and the manager opened another brand new toast10 PRO and swapped my CD KEY# card for the new one out of the sealed retail box. I went back and did a fresh install, trashing the original, and still the software will not recognize the CD KEY#. Tech support had me delete a bunch of files in Macintosh HD / Library / Preferences ,and also in Macintosh HD / Users / Library / Preferences. I then was instructed to trash the installed version of toast10, and then do a secure delete of the Trash Bin. I was then instructed to download the latest version of of toast10 from the Roxio website and do a fresh install. Did all that, inputted the known good CD KEY# (Tech says the CD KEY# is good) but the same problem exists. The software won't recognize the CD KEY#, so the "Continue" button stays grayed out. The CD KEY# is good, the software is up to date, and I securely deleted all the files associated with toast10 that the tech told me to do but no joy! Below is the list of files I was told to delete. Anyone run across this problem before? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help provided. P.S. I do know the correct format for inputting the CD KEY# ( XX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX ), and I do know I am inputting the correct digits that are on the CD KEY# card. Thanks. Files deleted: Folder Paths: Macintosh HD/Library/Prefrences/ Macintosh HD/Users/(your user name)/Library/Prefrences/ Trash these below files from both folders above(if found in both): com.BelightSoft.DiscCover2.plist com.BelightSoft.GetBackup2.plist com.boinx.fotomagico.plist com.elgato.VideoPlayer.plist com.lightcrafts.app com.lightcrafts.jai.plist com.lightcrafts.metadata2.plist com.lightcrafts.templates.plist com.lightcrafts.ui.plist com.lightcrafts.utils.plist com.lqgraphics.motionpictures.plist com.CDSpinDoctor6.plist com.roxio.Mac2Tivo.plist com.roxio.Deepseasoftware.CDSpindoctor.plist com.roxio.Popcorn.plist com.roxio.Streamer.plist com.roxio.Toast.plist(will be in BOTH locations) com.smartsound.sonicfire5.plist(will be in BOTH locations) com.tivo.desktop.plist(will be in BOTH locations) Popcorn Preferences Roxio Toast Prefs And any other com.Roxio.* files found. If you do not see the files in one folder, please check the other. Now you will need to Secure Empty your Trash. Close all windows and return to your desktop, click Finder(menubar)> Secure Empty Trash and restart the computer. When the computer starts up again, please go to the following website and check for any update to your version of Toast, if an update is found for your version, please download and save the update. Install and Replace your version of Toast in Applications with the update.