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    How to insert a movie infront of another...

    Thank you for your response. The good news: I know to stop looking for the feature ... The bad news: ... since it does not exist. I really hoped there was some sort of "grouping" mechanism to group a video segment with a text or overlay and have it move together as soon as I would e.g. insert a new movie infront of it. A feature to move all items from a certain point on by +/- a certain amount of seconds.milliseconds would help. Hmmm.... Any devs picking that up? Why am I shocked: I am using Roxio VideoWave v10 that I got a year ago and seeing it as part of the "legacy" section shows the lack of continued support for that product. I assume it's going away pretty soon. Not sure if I want to continue and spend any $ on Roxio phasing products out that quickly. Again, Thanks for the response!
  2. Hello experts! First: I am shocked finding VideoWave Movie Creator unter legacy forums. Second: I have not figured out this one yet: When I am in the middle of a production and have an existing timeline with movies, items in the overlay and text layers, how can I insert a movie in front of another one and have all following text, overlay items, etc. move automatically? Thanks!