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    Rob, you're doing better than I am. I don't seem to b able to find Label Creator on my copy of NXT Pro2, and I don't seem to be able to find a way to add it into my suite. Brandon, do you have any advice? I'm pretty sure I did the full install.
  2. I bought Creator 2009 back when it was the latest, and it worked Ok (the "Creator" GUI never worked at all) but I was able to import several of my old VHS tapes and convert them to DVD. Then, for reasons still unkown, the video capture USB device stopped working. I bought another one, and it didn't work either, so I concluded that it was something in my PC (even though EVERY other USB device worked without complaint). Over the last year, I've rebuilt my PC (still running XP Pro), and neither USB capture device works on it. Strangely, the driver CD (which arrived with the second capture unit) claims there is no device connected (even though it is) and that's the case on two different PCs. So I can't say I'm all that happy with the Video Capture USB devices, and I'm wondering exactly how I'm going to complete a transfer of approximately 300 VHS tapes to DVD. ;o(
  3. I'm using Roxio Creator 2009 Special Edition (SP4) to make some audio DVDs. Most things are working well, but there are three things I'd like to do that don't seem to be part of the standard operations. 1. I would like to add a soundtrack to the menu screens, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that. They seem to be standard in the video DVD menu screens, but the audio menus don't have the selection. 2. I would like to select the color that a navigation button's text becomes when it's selected (like "Chapter 3" type of selection). I can't find any controls to do that, and if the background is white, the controls disappear. 3. I would like to know if there's a limit to how much text can be put into an audio tag. I had one clip with maybe 100 words, and whenever I would select that clip, the program would exit and Windows XP Pro would try to report it to Microsoft. I rebuilt the project with less text, and the problem doesn't happen. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. I have Roxio Creator 2009, and I've installed it a couple of times because I haven't been able to get the main menu screen to appear. I can access the various modules through my Start button and drilling down to the modules, but the shell never shows up. Any ideas?
  5. Yes, it's installed, and now every time I run any module, I get an installation window that's looking for "UM.MSI". I can still work in the programs, but it's annoying as all get out. And still no main menu screen.