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    Bullet Text In Videowave

    Thank you for the suggestion. I tried creating a text box, setting up the flashing cursor to begin, then holding the Alt key and typing 149 on the numeric keypad, but the production just advanced one slide each time I typed without putting anything in the initial text box. Was I doing something out of order? In any event, I think I haven't presented my question clearly enough. More important than the bullet "points" themselves is my hope to fade in more than one line of text on a slide sequentially. I know VW will allow me to fade in the entire slide, but I'm wondering if there is a way, either using one slide or using multiple slides, to create an effect of fading in text line by line?
  2. pwillis

    Bullet Text In Videowave

    It's not a term of art. Bullet points would probably be more accurate. PowerPoint allows you to organize text as bullet points and animate how it sequentially appears on a slide.
  3. pwillis

    Bullet Text In Videowave

    Sorry, it's Roxio Creator 2010 Pro
  4. I have Roxio Creator 10. I'm doing a slideshow which has to be timed exactly to music. I started using PowerPoint because I'm more familiar with how to use it, but each time I run the slideshow with PowerPoint, the music starts at a slightly different time, so I think Videowave in Roxio is my best bet. My problem relates to some text slides I have. In PowerPoint, it's pretty easy to add bullet points and have the text fade in line by line on a slide. I can also change the timing at which the text lines fade in. I can't figure out how to do this in Videowave or if it's even possible to do it in Videowave. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  5. pwillis

    Stop In The Video Signal

    Jim, thanks for the suggestion. I tried using a pass through VCR but had no luck. Like Fruiz, I don't really think there's anything wrong with with the Roxio software other than the fact it's very sensitive to imperfect videotape. I used to have a VCR that was pretty good at instantly calibrating shakey videotape, but alas, the one I have left doesn't stablize quickly enough. I agree with Fruiz that it would be nice if an update to the software would either allow the user to override what appears to be an auto shut off, or at least resume recording once a better signal comes back. (I knew my problem wasn't with the Roxio software because I had already recorded a couple of better quality tapes successfully.) Thanks again for your help. In the meantine, I guess I'll have to try a locate a better VCR player.
  6. pwillis

    Stop In The Video Signal

    I'm having the same problem as Fruiz, but I'm not sure the Reply responds to what I believe to be his problem. My videotape was recorded on an early generation video camera and when it's played back on my newer VCR, the VCR has to calibrate the video periodically to get it to run smoothly. If it does so for more than a few seconds, the Roxio program seems to read it as a loss of video signal and automatically stops the recording. It's not really so much a problem with the tape player as a false read by the Roxio program that the video has stopped. I think Fruiz was asking if there is any way to make the Roxio program less sensitive and rather than automatically stop the recording just pick up on the recording once the video stabilizes. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  7. I bought a Dell laptop a year or so ago with an installed program called Roxio Creator Premier blu-ray 10.2, which I understand to be Dell's version of Roxio Creator 10. I selected this software because at the time the Adobe Premier software wasn't compatible with my Sony HD camcorder's AVCHD format. Now I find that this program won't let me edit AVCHD video either as the format is not listed among the formats to select for starting a video project. Am I correct? Is there any upgrade that will accept AVCHD video? Thanks to anyone who can help!