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  1. WE need some remedy for this problem from Roxio urgently before we move to others like Nero and thelike. Thanks,


  2. Why would one buy a software (Photoshow 5) that is driven by Adobe flush 10.1 that Roxio have no control over? Why would I go to Adobe.com to find solutions for a software that doesn't belong to them? When I buy a software from a company, I would like that company to be responsible for its funcntionality. I have to buy another software because I can't instal Adobe flush 10.1 on my windo...

  3. babay

    burn a DVD/cd

    It takes forever to burn a cd or a dvd on this new Roxio Photoshow, while it took only few minutes to do the same on the Nero Photoshow Delux 5. I paid $ 29.98 to upgrade to premium Photoshow for nothing. It is a bad deal and I strongly suggest Roxio do something about it before it loses its Photoshow customers; after all there are many other softwares that can do the same or more. As users we should demand to get the same service or more that we had on Nero Photoshow delux 5. Less than that, I think this is a breach of contract by roxio. Roxio need to correct the problem immediately before we the customers protest and pursue it legally or cancel. New customers should think twice before getting into this situation.