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  1. Digital Guru, I got it working, but not in the way I was expecting. I never was able to get Toast to install TiVo Transfer, but I poked around inside the Contents of the Toast app and found Contents/Resources/tivotransfer.tgz. I also found a shell script Contents/Resources/InstallToastVideoPlayer.sh. It has a tar command which I modified slightly and ran: tar -C ../../.. -xzf TiVoTransfer.tar.gz. This installed TiVo Transfer alongside of Toast, and now it's all working again. This is from the newly downloaded Toast .dmg image, so it is still being distributed, but, as I said, I couldn't prompt Toast to install it. At least it's working again. Thanks for your comment which got me thinking along these lines. -Eric
  2. Digital Guru, Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I do have a backup, but I had assumed it wouldn't just be the application file alone (perhaps other support files), but I can give that a shot. I also have the original .dmg from I first installed Toast 10, and it should be in there. I was thinking that it wasn't missing from the distribution but that I wasn't triggering the install properly. -Eric
  3. Hi, I'm running a Mac Book Pro on Mavericks 10.9.3. I use Toast Titanium mostly for its TiVo Transfer application to grab shows from my TiVo for archiving. This has been working fine for years. Recently, upon running Toast to burn a CD, Toast informed me that Toast version 10.0.9 was available. I downloaded the new version as a .dmg file, mounted it, and dragged the Toast Titanium folder from the disk image to my Appications folder. I replaced the existing folder. Upon running the new Toast for the first time, I recall it asked me a few questions including whether I wanted to install some TiVo-related stuff. I declined (I think this was the start of my problems). It didn't ask me to re-enter my product key/serial number info, and when I do About Toast Titanium 10, I see the program is registered to me with my serial number. I went to use TiVo Transfer and discovered it missing. Now, for the life of me, I cannot seem to reinstall Toast and get it to ask me about installing TiVo-related programs. I've used the Finder's search feature, including system files, to remove every preference and application-support item I can find by searching for "toast", "tivo", and "roxio". Since the registeration is sticking around, that's being stored somewhere I'm not getting to, and I'm hoping that if I can find and delete that, it will think it's a fresh install. Oddly, it seemed to think it was fresh since it asked about installing TiVo-related items even though it never asked for my serial number. Ideas? -Eric
  4. In the short term I'm following your advice to try to import the AppleTV format to iMovie. I used Toast to convert from a .tivo file to the AppleTV high-quality, H.264, .m4v file. However, when I open iMovie (iLife 09) and try to import it, the file is grayed out. Is there some trick to getting iMovie to recognize this file for import? -Eric
  5. Thanks for the reply. I forgot one step in my flow, and that's to remove the encryption from the TiVo file using a command-line program called tivodecode. This probably allows the file to be seen as an input to the DV transcoder. Sorry for any confusion. -Eric
  6. Hi, I've been using a flow to edit content pulled from my TiVo for about a year now. Here's my flow. 1. Record a program on TiVo. 2. Use Toast's TiVo Transfer to download the MPEG2 onto my Mac. 3. Use Toast 10 to convert the MPEG2 to DV. 4. Import DV into iMovie for editing. 5. Save result. Last night I upgraded to Snow Leopard 10.6.4 from Leopard 10.5.8, and step #3 no longer works. It seems to start the process okay, but finishes in about two seconds. It produces a DV file, but it has no content (it's just a green screen) and is only about 30 MB long when I would normally expect several GBs. I am running Toast 10.0.7 which I upgraded to prior to the Snow Leopard upgrade. I thought to reinstall Toast, but I cannot find my original download file, and the e-commerce site only allows redownloading the software within 30 days of original purchase (June 2009). I tried deleting Toast's preference file, but that had no effect. Any other suggestions? -Eric
  7. Hi, I've just installed Toast Titanium 10 on my Mac running 10.5.6 and also applied to Toast 10.0.2 update. I've been able to transfer files from my TiVo series 3 to my hard drive and can play them, but I want to edit out commercials and such before I archive the video. I can open the TiVo file in Toast Video Player and bring up the editor. I click on the button at the bottom center of the window with the two little triangles. The triangles appears below the timeline bar, and I can move them around. I position the triangles so the video I wish to delete is between the triangles, and the timeline bar has turned yellow between them. Then I press the delete key. The two triangles dissapear, and a puff of smoke appears in the timeline bar where the triangles were. I expect the that video clip to be gone, but it isn't. When I close the window, it asks me if I want to save, and say Yes hoping that this when the video will be deleted, but when I reopen the file, no changes have been made. I've searched Roxio's web site for supports notes or documentation about this, and nothing I've found seems to help. Any suggestions? -Eric