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    Toast Takes Forever To Encode A Movie?

    Hi, Thank you for answering so clearly to my question. However, I do realize now that such action needed further preparation and more steps in order to acheive the result that I was looking for. Maybe I got a little bit carried away by the possibility offered by Toast before verifying what it would really involve. I'm a newbee and I acted like one it seem's, thinking that toast would simplify that process in a few steps. I just wonder if this subject is covered thoroughly in Toast litterature? I will carefully read and keep your precious answer for futher reference. I'm to sure if I understand clearly what you mean since my goal is not to have an Image File on a disk but rather a video bun on a DVD that I can then read on any video player? Thanking you in advance for your help and looking forward to read you, Robert Marchand cactus2@videotron.ca
  2. Lindberg

    Toast Takes Forever To Encode A Movie?

    Hi, Thank you for answering, At the start, the original format of the movie was an Web ".Xvid", which was saved as a ".avi" video format for PAL. I've tried to save it in various formats so it would be compatible with standard "NTSC" format here in America (29. 97 fps) so I could burn it on a standard DVD. The original ".avi" film was about 700.2 Mo. I have a MacPro, early 2009 working with 10.5.8. I use the last version of Roxio 11 Titanium, which I beleive to be 11.0.6. I then convert first to a ".mp4" format so Toast could then accept it. This is where Toast said to me that it had to convert it to "NTSC" before burning and this where Since I found out that all was a matter of Ripping the film from PAL to NTSC before anything, I've tried to convert it with HandBrake. But, all I got was an ".mkv" format that Toast could not then accept as a valid format? As you can see, I'm a nwebee in all of this, very confusing, and very time taking for me. even if I've tried reading carefully the documentation about it with the Roxio User Manual which do not tell us very much on how to proceed in such a case. Now, I'm trying to convert the original file again directly in Toast just to see if it will work this time. After converting the movie as from now, all I got was a very choppy result that opened by default in iTune? Thanking you in advance for your help and looking forward to read you, Robert Marchand cactus2@videotron.ca
  3. Lindberg

    Toast Takes Forever To Encode A Movie?

    Hi, I tried to encode a movie with Toast 11 Pro 11.0.6 last night. I prepared it just as usual but just before starting burning it to a DVD. Toast told me it was in the wrong format (PAL instead of NTSC) so It asked me if I wanted to re-encode it to NTSC and I said yes. It started it to encode around 11 pm last night and it's just about to half right now 12h after. How come it's so long to do such a task? Whether Toast is not very functional doing such a task or where did I went wrong about it? Toast should have at least warned me about such a delay before burning my video on DVD. I admit being a newbee with Toast and burning video. But may I also point out that that it was notto clear how to proceed and what to expect enven after redaing the documentation on how to proceed about it and what to expect afterward. I think i will use another software in the futur for such a task. RMarchand
  4. Lindberg

    Toast 11 Pro, Mac Quit Unexpectedly ?

    Hi, Ive cheked again today to see if Roxio Toast 11 was still working as it did yesterday after deleting some DivX codecs and toast's preferences files. It's working fine now. So, I will let you know if anything goes wrong again as soon as it appears. Have a pleasant day, Lindberg
  5. Lindberg

    Toast 11 Pro, Mac Quit Unexpectedly ?

    Hi, Thanks for the tip. I've noticed effectively that I have many codecs and maybe some of them are maybe older versions. I've deleted the «DivX Decoder.component». I also noticed that I had others like «Flip4 Mac», FLV.components and also TSCC.components. I wonder if those are also problematic. I did not deleted those. Deleting the «DivX Decoder.components» did not make any changes: Roxio toast 11 still refused to relauch correctly afterward. So I deleted like I did before the preferences files of Toast again. Of course when I've started roxio toast 11 again, it worked but I had to go back to the first phases of installation of toast 11?. since I did not use it since my last post, I wonder if I will have to redo that everytime I want to use Toast 11? Thank's anyway for your helpfull comments and looking forward to read you. Sincerely, Lindberg
  6. Lindberg

    Toast 11 Pro, Mac Quit Unexpectedly ?

    Hello again, After carefully reading an article about possible crashes on earlier version of Toast and Popcorn and where also it was mentionned as one possible solutions to be: "Trash the Toast or Popcorn preference and the "plist" file. Delete the "Roxio Toast Prefs" or :" "Roxio Popcorn Prefs "file and the "com.roxio.Toast.plist" or "com.roxio.Popcorn.plist" file from this location: /Library/Preferences/ See article: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/topsearch/results.aspx?k=Toast%2011%20Crashes I've decided to give it a try myself and apply that simple medecine. Well, Toast 11 Pro finally decided to work after! Was I simply lucky? I can say but, may I say this about this particular article: I almost capitulated while reading it all because too many and too broad scope solutions where suggested in order to resolve the matter. Even for an experience user, I felt like I needed the rest of the day in order to resolve such a simple problem. Indeed the cause could be sometime more complex but why such a fuss? How about a simple solution like a fresh patch or an upgrade for Toast 11 Pro?!.. This would maybe clear the matter once and for all! So, good luck to all other users who exprerience the same problem, maybe that simple solution will also work for you! Thanks, and always looking forward to read you, Robert Marchand
  7. Lindberg

    Toast 11 Pro, Mac Quit Unexpectedly ?

    Hi, I just bought Toast 11 Pro for Mac about a week ago and it worked just fine when I installed it at the start. But today unfortunately, when I tried burning a DVD with it, Toast 11 Pro just crashed over and over again? I've benn using Roxio's products for many years now and I nerver encountered such a problem. Here is the error in the Crash Report file in the attacment file. Any help addressing with this will be greatly appreciated of course. Thanking you in advance and looking forward to read you, Robert Marchand Toast 11 Pro Crashes.rtf
  8. Lindberg

    Problem with Upgrading to Toast 10.02 with MacOS 10.5

    Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply! I already did that. But it was not so much of a "Clean Install" as you so mentionned. When I tried to transfer the new "Folder Application Upgrade (10.02)" to my application's folder, the Finder did not liked it at all stating the classic response: "You do not have sufficient permission"??. And also, the Toast 10 original application dissapeared from it's original folder afterward?? I managed to fool the Finder a little by lauching the new application by double-clicking it directly from the Upgrade container and re-install it from there as a "Claean Install". I also copied each little app. from that Container's Upgrade into the original folder of Toast 10. That worked fine. I was lucky I guess, because everything is now working okay it seem's. I relaunched toast 10 a few times afterward just to make sure... May I also point out that I did not keep a copy of the original folder but I always do keep copies of the original "Discs Images". I was tempted to do a copy of the original folder but I was afraid something would go wrong with the OS afterward... From now on I just hope for the best with Toast 10.. Thanks again both for your time, Lindberg,
  9. Hi, I just upgraded my older version of Toast Titanium to Toast 10. When I installed that new version on my Mac and just after I started it, the application asked for an Upgrade. When I tried to install the Upgrade asked for, the finder told me that it was an older version than my brand new version of Toast 10??? I've saved that upgrade in my computer but I did not installed it, just in case somthing would go wrong... It seem's that this Upgrade is a complete new installation (if you double-clik into the container of the Image Disc)? Should I take the risk of installing that Upgrade over my previous version of Toast 10 anyway or should I look elswere on Roxio's site just to get another upgrade's file??? If so, where shoud I look? Thanks in advance and looking forward to read you, Lindberg