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    Need Clarification before I buy

    Hello again, Thanks for all these informational responses. Just found out something that concerns me: My canon hf20 records in 60i/pf30/pf24. I have 2 TV's one of them i believe is 1080p (which i prefer using the most cuz it's newer). I hook up my hf20 via HDMI cable (so it shld be as true resolution as possible), and the quality is NOT so great. There is an ugly gradiation of pixels especially on shadowed areas. You can also see this in faces shot (mostly indoors, but still with good light). In outside it's not as troublesome to look at. Is this because my TV is 1080p and HF20 records in 1080i? Can Roxio convert to such recordings (1080p)? Now, i'm thinking if I shld return the camera and get the more expensive hfs100 for true 1080p recording. Is there any way to get around this? I got my hf20 in best buy on sale and a few coupons...final retail at $650..so I'll feel bad if I return this...such a good deal, i think. thnks again!
  2. hoovinc

    Need Clarification before I buy

    Hey Thanks for that Sknis..I can see the file now. a couple more questions please: 1) I learned that Roxio 2009 has blue-ray plug-in to burn blue-ray quality in regular DVD disc, is this right? That means I don't need a blue-ray burner? I will eventually buy one (save up first)..just so I can burn blue-rays. Have u had any issues with burning using blue-rays, regular dvd's?
  3. hoovinc

    Need Clarification before I buy

    Hey Sknis, there's an error when I click on the .jpg files you linked. I guess what you're trying to show me is that Roxio has changeable settings for DVD output..right? thanks
  4. hoovinc

    Need Clarification before I buy

    hello guys, thnks for responding. I have a an Intel quad core 2.66ghz, nvidia 8800 gts 640mb, 8gigs..blah blah. I haven't purhased the software (roxio 2009), i used the very simple Pixela software that come with canon hf20. It was a basic AVCHD burn to DVD--I played it in regular dvd connected to a 46inch HDTV. It's a lil' better than what my Standard DVD produced. But, I was hoping it would've been close to what the HF20 brings to the table. Maybe,it's pixela having no options for optimal output? I'm also going to try Sony VEgas..but a lil' tired of learning it. That's why i'm here now..cuz Roxio sees waaay simpler. Does Roxio 2009 have options to burn AVCHD to dvd's in different settings?
  5. After reading around this webpage. This is what I understand. Using Roxio 2009.-- a) You can Burn AVCHD files to a regular DVD..and can only watch it using Blue-ray player...if you want HD quality. b)By burning an AVCHD in to a DVD disc with the intent of watching it in regular dvd player--it wont be HD quality. My concern is if I want to share it with other people--they may not have Blue-ray player. But, I would like to have it viewed as close to HD quality as my camcorder shot it. Just bought an HF20. thanks