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  1. I downloaded Roxio Creator 2011 and it unzipped to load the files. It checked for updates, then the install Wizard asked for the key that I typed in correctly because I got a green check mark. I then said I wanted to install Creator and the install started. It said it would install in Program Files (x86)/roxio2011. It proceeded to install briefly and then said it was interrupted and it stop the install. I’m using the following operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601). Can anyone tell me how to fix the problem?
  2. azengel

    Can't Install Creator 2011

    I had it on a computer that died so I tried to install it on a new computer. I had the download file that I had originally downloaded and I had a copy of the email from the purchase. this was enough to try to installation.
  3. azengel

    Installing Crerator 2011

    I used Creator 2011 on a computer that had a hard drive crash and I want to reinstall it on a new hard drive. I'm using Windows 7 and the program will not install. It says it can't create an output file. Will 2011 run under W7? If so, how can I get help with the install process?
  4. I updated to 2011 using Windows 7. Can I now uninstall 2009? Are these two version completely independent so uninstall 2009 will not affect the 2011 operation?
  5. I transfered my first VHS movie (Apollo 13), which was 2 1/2 hours long onto a dvd. Everything worked like a charm but the VHS filled a DVD disc before the movie's ending. Did I do something wrong or are all VHS movie too long? Is there a way to get the movie onto a disc?
  6. I'm new to this software. I made a movie of 75 pictures from a recent trip. When I tried to burn it, I got the message "No Movie". I saved the project and when I double click the saved file in my Video folder, it previews fine but will not burn. What am I missing? I'm using Roxio v 1.1.110 SP4 in a new Vista machine.