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    Convert Audio Formats

    Can I convert music formats with EMC8? I would like to change an MP3 file to a WMA file or some other format and save the WMA file to my HD. This should be easy but I can't seem to find the capability anywhere. Thanks in advance. Dave
  2. dave46a

    Capture streaming video

    I am usingi EMC8. I would like to capture streaming video from the internet. I am given the option and am able to capture streaming audio but am not even given the option to capture streaming video. Any ideas how I can do this?
  3. dave46a

    My DVD Menu Problems

    Thanks for the reply. I have the latest build, 805...... Upon further investigation, I see that only the default menu, some blue running water thing, has a problem. The program has only two menus, the one that is giving me problems and a goofy birthday thing. By making my own menus, changing backgrounds, audio, ect, I can make a menu that works. If that is the only problem with EMC8, I have no complaints. The problem could well be on my end anyway. Thanks again.
  4. dave46a

    My DVD Menu Problems

    I previously ran EMC 7 and nothing worked until I downloaded an update. Everything seemed to work fine after the update. I recently bought EMC8 thinking it would be an improvement. Everything seemed to work until I attempted to burn a DVD. Creating the main menu doesn't work at all. Text cannot be added, the text box just expands but no text appears. The button to start the movie cannot be relocated on the page. If I add chapters, the chapters page can be edited and buttons moved ect. What is wrong with the main menu page? I downloaded the patch but it won't load. It says it is for builds before 8.something. My build is Version: 3.0.0, Build: 3.0.91a. Is mine just way too new or way too old. I came from a brand new batch at Fry's. Now I'm really confused. Can I get my money back?