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    roxio express labeler 3

    at 71 you tend to miss some things i've put it down to a senior moment I still manage to maintain and build my own sites floridahotelblackpool.co.uk
  2. yorkie

    roxio express labeler 3

    Thanks for your help, I have now found the problem for some unknown on setup my hp printer had set itself as standardprinter instead of cd/dvd printer i just noticed it this morning
  3. yorkie

    roxio express labeler 3

    Sorry it is surething deluxe
  4. yorkie

    roxio express labeler 3

    Hi Folks if i get mixed up it is because i am new here my problem is last year i bought a hp c5280 printer which came with labeler 3 i like to print direct to dvd so i updated to sure thing everything was fine until i had to format my hard drive now it will not print straight to dvd i get an error meesage that the dvd tray is open i have checked all settings they ok i am now at a loss thanks in advance for any help yorky