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  1. Running Roxio Creator DE bundled with Dell systems. The version I have says 9.0 on the CD, but is 3.3.0 on the Help menu, and we have others.


    After Windows Updates for June were installed we've been getting errors every time we manually try to check for updates or when the updater service runs.


    For instance, I click Check for Updates. I get an InstallShield Wizard dialog box with text sayting "Update Service is searching for any available updates for your application." Another dialog box immediately pops up. The title is Script Error and the only text is


    Script Error


    Line 344

    Position 7654


    and an OK button. After I click OK on my Vista system the Wizard and error boxes disappear and I get a Software Manager window for Roxio that says again says it's searching for updates followed by another little Script Error box.


    I click OK for that and the error dialog box goes away and nothing else happens. I eventually have to close the Software Manage window manually.