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  1. gaper1

    In-Game Chat Audio For Xbox 360

    The best you can do is to capture the in game chat of other people if you go into 360 audio settings and set it to "play through speakers and headphones" under console preferences. However, it doesn't record anything from your mic and you can't contorl any volume from others.
  2. gaper1

    Toast Is A Total Waste Of Your Money!

    Instead of just ranting, why not posting what issue you encountered so maybe someone here can help you?
  3. gaper1

    1080P60 Vids And 11 Pro

    don't think Toast would have problem creating AVCHD disc that can be played back on some devices (ex. with Roxio Video Player on Mac, PS3 etc). However, there is no guarantee if it would work with Samsung-BD1600. You have to test it to find out. However, if the disc plays on other devices but just not Samsung BD-1600, I would think it's more of a Samsung issue than software issue. Searching on the net for Samsung BD-1600 and AVCHD shows BD-1600 seems picky on the disc for playback.
  4. gaper1

    Video Converter Missing Sound

    Are you using Videowave or Video Copy & Convert? Are you able to upload a sample mkv file?
  5. gaper1

    Video Capture, Digitization and Burn

    While not all the information you asked is in the manual, a lot of them are. Have you read the manual or Help file?
  6. gaper1

    MyDVD Premier upgrade to 10.1

    There's no mention of Windows 7 as a requirement for this update. Do you have the build highlighted above?
  7. Let me get this straight. You are fully aware that Toast 10 is not supported on Tiger but you choose to run it at your own risk anyway. Luckily you did not encounter any issue previously. However, when you found out the new update doesn't work on Tiger, it's Roxio's fault because it's not supported?
  8. gaper1

    Toast 10.0.4 CD Spin Doctor 6.1.1 Not Launching

    where are you guys capturing from? I tried to capture something from the net just now on 10.6.1 and it worked fine.
  9. gaper1

    Error Occured while burning to disc

    what kind of disc you were using? your burner? also, you got "unknown capture error" while you are trying to burn?
  10. gaper1

    MKV files seem unrationally slow to convert

    what is "the old program" you were using?
  11. make sure you select 16:9 project
  12. gaper1

    Why doesn't Check for Updates work?

    good point although the update does come up when I launched Toast 10.
  13. gaper1

    Where is CUDA support?

    What ATI card do you have and what version of ATI driver and Avivo are you using?
  14. gaper1

    new CD key or new License

    You might want to contact support directly.
  15. gaper1

    Missing AVI codecs, can they truly be found?

    Can you play the file in QT player? If you can't play or import the file in any Mac programs, it's probably an issue how the file was encoded by the Vivitar camcorder and not a Toast issue. Maybe you could contact Vivitar and see what they recommend to open their files on Mac.