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    Blu-ray Plug-in

    If I remember it correctly, the free plugin is only available for the first 30 days after Toast 10 release. Also, there is an e-mail option on the support page that you might have missed. You might want to give it a try. http://www.roxio.com/eng/support/service/
  2. gaper1

    Creator 2009 Won't Dowload

  3. If I remember it correctly, you can choose Restore and check the box of the single file you wish to restore.
  4. gaper1

    Can't Get Program Installed

    unplug your network connection. Try to launch Easy VHS to DVD again.
  5. gaper1

    I'm having the same exact problem.

    it would be helpful if you can read tewatoo's thread then post the steps that you have tried.
  6. gaper1

    New Purchase Useless

    it's more likely the compatibility between the burner and the disc you use. What brand of DVDs did you use?
  7. gaper1

    Applications Missing

    try to install again but keep an eye on the installation process to see if it skips to the end during the installation. Also, how long does it take for the installation to complete?
  8. gaper1

    Popcorn 3 Doesn't Work On My New Aluminium Macbook

    The 3.0.3 update should address the issue.
  9. gaper1

    Copy Dvds

    You will need to use Creator line product, instead of DVDIt!, if you wish to copy non-protected DVDs.
  10. gaper1

    Loading Error

    Are you encountering the error during installation or during other steps?
  11. gaper1

    Toast 9 Can't Burn Dl Dvds

    is the burner an external one? what's the manufacturer and model number?
  12. gaper1

    Support ? What A Joke

    What number did you call that's "out of service"?
  13. gaper1

    Can Not Register Toast 10

    You might want to contact technical support directly on the issue.
  14. gaper1

    Interface Error:-32030 The Connection Is Not Stable

    are you using external burners? what's the manufacturer and model number for the burner?
  15. gaper1

    Problem With Bd-re Disc

    how are you burn to a BD-RE disc? dynamic writing or a BD video project? a Data project? and yes, 10.5 is listed as System Requirement for Toast 10.
  16. gaper1

    Instant Dvd Recorder 100 And Vista

    You might receive more helpful advice in Pinnacle's forum since Instant DVD Recorder 100 is a Pinnacle product.
  17. gaper1

    The File Is Too Big To Put On Dvd

    There is a Service Pack for Easy VHS to DVD http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/easy-vhs-...re_updates.html The Easy VHS to DVD Service Pack download includes the following fix: * Resolve a LP Assistant issue with Roxio Video Capture USB
  18. gaper1

    Blu Ray Bdmv

    Yes. Yes. Not that I'm aware of.
  19. gaper1

    Problem Getting Videos From Tivo Series 3

    do you experience the same issue while downloading a shorter show?
  20. gaper1

    Avchd Audio Out-of-sync

    is it possible for you to provide a sample file?
  21. gaper1

    Avchd Audio Out-of-sync

    When you preview the AVCHD file on the Mac, was it in sync? Also, how long is the video? Does it happen to both long clips and short clips?
  22. gaper1

    Drag And Drop Convert Freezes

    does it happen to all .ts files you have? does it only happen to .ts files?
  23. I tried it with Sony HDR-HC3. In Standard Set, you need to change i.LINK CONV to On HDV -> DV then plug in the Firewire cable again.
  24. actually I just remembered this. Don't think you can capture in HDV with Toast. If you switch to DV mode, Toast would detect it fine. Same thing happened in Toast 9. I don't think the HD plugin affects Toast ability to capture from camcorders since you can capture from AVCHD camcorders without HD plugin.
  25. gaper1

    Blu-ray Content Burned To Dvd Media

    According to this post by OP, the issue with his BD player is fixed. The other post you provided is not the same BD player. You might want to stay with that topic.