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    Is Upgrade Policy Reasonable?

    If you purchase Toast 9 through Roxio directly, you can obtain a refund and place a new order for Toast 10.
  2. what's the model number for the Sony HDV camcorders you tried to use?
  3. gaper1

    Can Not Register Toast 10

    You should still receive the registration confirmation e-mail even with the error. At least that's what happened to me. Also, if you log in your Roxio MyAccount, you should see Toast 10 listed in Your Registered Products.
  4. gaper1

    From Tivo To Toast To Streamer

    In Preferences -> Audio & Video, change Default for Automatic TiVo Exports to Streamer. You should be set.
  5. gaper1

    Blu-ray Content Burned To Dvd Media

    But OP's problem is fixed by updating the firmware of his BD player.
  6. gaper1

    Recent 9 Purchase Include Bluray Plug-in For 10?

    What answer did you get when you called the phone number posted above by sknis?
  7. gaper1

    Hd Plug In Doesnt Work?

    Do you get a message prompt for plugin when choosing Blu-ray Video project? If HD plugin is not installed, you would get a prompt.
  8. gaper1

    Error Message -43 In Toast 9

    you got the same error code while saving to disc image? what kind of project were you creating?
  9. gaper1

    Incorrect Frame Rate For Flv Files?

    how was the flv encoded? Was it captured from the net?
  10. gaper1

    Does Toast 9 Suport Muti-burner?

    Toast 9 would not burn to multiple burner at the same time.
  11. gaper1

    Mpeg-2 Actviation,after Clone(ris)pc,not Ghost

    any particular reason you can't reinstall the software and you have to re-image since you purchased the product?
  12. gaper1

    Can't Capture Streaming Audio From Internet In Cd Spin Doctor

    is everyone with the issue other than hermie54 running 10.5.5? would be helpful if such information is provided.
  13. gaper1


    There shouldn't be any key required while installing the update for Creator 2009. Where did you download the update for Creator 2009 from?
  14. gaper1

    Buffer Underrun Errors Since 9.0.4 Update

    did you try to burn at a lower speed with 9.0.4?
  15. gaper1

    Bootable Iso Image Will Not Boot

    What did you use to burn the ISO? Roxio Home or Creator Classic?
  16. gaper1

    Toast 9 Crashes

    would be helpful if you list details on what you were burning.
  17. gaper1

    Toast 8 And New Mbps (late 2008)

    are you able to burn anything?
  18. gaper1

    Streaming Audio Recording Problems

    tsantee, does the length of recording make any difference?
  19. gaper1

    Address Book

    it took a few minutes but it loaded for me. maybe there was a connection problem for you.
  20. try this KB article "You must install Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 before installing the content" while installing Roxio Creator 2009
  21. gaper1

    Blu-ray - No Sound

    how BDMV folder was made? What's the manufacturer and model number of your Blu-ray player? Are you able to play BD movie with sound on that Blu-ray player?
  22. gaper1

    Address Book

    After you click on E-mail, there is an Import button right below the address field when you use the online account.
  23. gaper1


    do you have anything listed as subscribed right now? It's likely that you did not configure your setting properly since you are the only one with issue on forum notification. As a last resort, you can change your e-mail address for the forum account to a different one.
  24. gaper1

    Interesting Article - Blue-ray Dead?

    While I don't fully agree on all the points, it's an interesting read. Gary, do you mean HDVD? It is fairly popular in China.