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    Sync Problems Revisited

    If you already converted it into mpeg2 file and burn the project with mpeg2 file, it is not a dvr-ms problem then. Save an ISO first, load it with Disc Image Loader, play it with CinePlayer and see if it is synced.
  2. gaper1

    How To Burn iso files to CD

    Paul, maybe this thread was at the wrong section and moved here... or you just had too much free beer over the weekend leerand, how did you burn the .iso file with Toast?
  3. Toast would work with DV camcorder using firewire connection.
  4. what is the location for your Temporary files? are you able to change it to a different location?
  5. gaper1

    Reversal of DVD no menus choice.

    found this in the help and it should help. To add menus to a “no menus” DVD project: Choose DVD Menu > Add New Menu. Note: Once you have added a menu to a “no menus” project, you cannot return to having no menus.
  6. gaper1

    Does Boom Box work with Intel MACs?

    What app in Boom Box? I know Spin Doctor is not fully compatible with the Intel Mac yet.
  7. gaper1

    Sync Problems Revisited

    so If you take a dvr-ms file, convert it to mpeg, and import it in Videowave, is it not sync'd?
  8. gaper1

    CD-R DVD-R problems

    you have an ISO that can be written to both CD AND DVD? didn't think that's possible since CD and DVD have different file systems... but I could be wrong...
  9. gaper1

    How do I use Img Loader to ply my game?

    probably needs to install from the same drive too... say if you install the game using D drive but mount the ISO into F drive, it's not gonna detect your CD2... that's just my guess
  10. gaper1

    popcorn doesnt recognize dl dvd's with macbook pro

    I have Popcorn 2 on an Intel Mac with 10.4.6 and it is working... It is REALLY odd... since Popcorn 2 dosn't work on your Intel Mac, it shouldn't work on mine either! There must be something wrong with my Mac...
  11. gaper1

    Toast menu glitch

    I think you misunderstood what the bug is...
  12. gaper1

    popcorn doesnt recognize dl dvd's with macbook pro

    firmware is usually provided by the manufacturer of the hardware, not the software company
  13. gaper1

    Screen Grab of Video Overlay

    I use Gadwin PrintScreen and it gave me a black screen... funny that I never notice this until I see this thread... good to know tho...
  14. gaper1

    Stalling during Encoding

    While I love your sarcasm, people actually resolve the issue by updating the video card driver as seen in the thread below where you also posted. I'm surprised you are not suggesting the OP to do the same thing. Computer freezes while encoding my DVD
  15. gaper1


    By googling for error 1719, I found all the results point to "Error 1719: The Windows Installer service could not be accessed" I think this page gives you some good suggestions
  16. gaper1

    Popcorn/Toast can't see DL media

    correct me if I'm wrong... but doesn't DL stand for dual layer? if it's recognized as a DVD+R dual layer, doesn't it mean the same thing as being recognized as DVD+R DL?
  17. I don't think you answered the question...
  18. gaper1

    Computer freezes while encoding my DVD

    There is no software that is guaranteed to work on all computers... heck I can't even get Windows XP installed on one of my computers that used to run Windows 2000... but I still use Windows XP on two other computers at home and have the problem one run MEPIS (a falvor of Linux)... if Ulead software works without problem for you, that's great... However, by visiting Ulead's Web Board, it looks like users have their share of problems with Ulead software as well... I'm sure there are some users who can't get Ulead working and have to look for alternative solution... they might buy Roxio software and have no problem at all... I do think that it would be nice for Roxio to offer a trial period for their software like what Sonic does with MyDVD Studio 6.1 or DVDIt! 6... but I guess the 30 days refund period could count as a trial period if you buy directly from them...