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    No Image On Disc E M C 10

    are you sure it's an ISO for DVD? Did you try to burn the ISO to CD? How was the ISO created? I think OP's issue is different from your since he couldn't even burn the ISO with a different program.
  2. gaper1

    Emc Gold 10, 10.1 Iso Problem For Xp Embedded Files

    what was exactly the problem of burning ISO image?
  3. gaper1

    Popcorn 3 Doesn't Work On My New Aluminium Macbook

    so both Popcorn 1 and Popcorn 3 can't see the DVD burner on your new Mac?
  4. gaper1

    How To Make A 7.1 Pcm Audio File?

    does Runtime error only happen when you import that 7.1 audio?
  5. I know this would sound a little dumb but have you tried to re-download the Download Manager?
  6. gaper1

    Toast Doesn't Open - Mac

    what version of 10.4 you have? What version of Toast 9 you have? You are not providing enough information
  7. gaper1

    Cineplayer Cannot Play Blu-ray

    you won't be able to play Blu-ray movie bought in store which has AACS
  8. Where did you buy your download from that you can't get refund?
  9. gaper1

    Cine Player Issue

    Driver Date/Size: 1/23/2005 10:56:00, 37951 bytes it doesn't look like the driver was updated.
  10. gaper1

    Creator 2009 Manual

    usually a user wouldn't make a post when something works well. That's why you always see a lot more complains than praises in every forum. The best way to evaluate a software is to use it. Reading the manual wouldn't help you determine how it would work on your computer.
  11. CinePlayer in Creator 2009 will not play BD movie you bought in store (assuming you have all the required hardware).
  12. gaper1

    Can't Capture From Vhs

    when using Media Import, is USB 2861 device also listed and the device you are capturing from?
  13. gaper1

    Sonic Cineplayer Decoder Pack

    Do you have both EMC 9 and Creator 2009 Ultimate installed on the same computer?
  14. gaper1

    Unable To Unzip Emc9rmv.zip

    make sure your anti-virus software is temporarily disabled when you download the file
  15. You do not need EMC 10 installed for Creatro 2009 and its content. However, have you tried to copy the content from the disc to your hard drive then install from the hard drive as suggested above?
  16. gaper1

    Install Interrupted

    I'm wondering if this post (by jeanrosenfeld) helps
  17. gaper1

    Install Interrupted

    What version of .Net Framework is listed in your Add or Remove Programs?
  18. gaper1

    Write Disc Failure

    can you provide more information on the project and the asset used you tried to burn?
  19. gaper1

    C2009 Vs Emc9

    if you work with any high definition videos, you would want to have Creator 2009. Otherwise, you can continue using EMC 9 if it does everything you want.
  20. The messaging is not correct when installing the content. However, are you able to launch Creator 2009? What's listed in the Video and Audio tabs for you?
  21. gaper1

    Creator 2009 Install Serial Number

    or number 8 and the letter 'B' pr the number 5 and the letter 'S'... and the cd key should be 17 digits
  22. gaper1

    Toast 9, Problem With Lacie D2 External Dvd-rw Drives

    and what kind of external case you have?
  23. gaper1

    Sample Rate Conversion Noise

    do you have a sample file that you can post?
  24. gaper1

    Html Code

    if your photoshow is not uploaded/shared, you will need a place to host that photoshow even if you have the html code to post on your website.