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  1. did you purchase the Roxio Video Capture USB device online?
  2. gaper1

    I Need Help

    Venu and Qflix was released yesterday... not sure how you got it 2 weeks ago... are you sure you have Venue and Qflix or you just post in a random forum?
  3. gaper1

    Similar Problem

    so you also have a Vista 64 system? What Roxio folder do you have in Program Files?
  4. On what step during installation you received the error when you install EMC 10/Creator 2009 on Vista or XP machine? Right at the start before you put in any cd key?
  5. gaper1

    Error Code 0012

    is this installing from download or disc? what if you don't install the content file?
  6. Do you have EMC 5 or EMC 9 on the same computer which you encountered the "Dragon Engine Initialization Failed"? On what step during installation you received the error? Right at the start?
  7. gaper1

    Cineplayer Dvd Decoder Pack 2.3.1

    what is the language of your Windows? regional settings?
  8. EMC 10.1 update applies to ESD version...
  9. gaper1

    Video-ts Compilation

    how was the Video_TS folder created?
  10. gaper1

    Mydvd Problem

    does the same thing happen to all the TiVo files you recorded?
  11. gaper1

    No Sound Device?

    if it's a brand name computer (Dell, HP etc), download the driver from its website. Same thing happened to my Dell comp when using the Windows driver until I updated the driver.
  12. did you receive an error installing DX9 manually? more details on how it doesn't work would help
  13. could use ImageShack to host it
  14. gaper1

    Can Playstation 3 play camcorder discs?

    my understanding is that OP wants to explore options without purchasing Creator 2009. Not sure what Sony software he has. Perhaps something bundled with the HDR SR5.
  15. gaper1

    Can Playstation 3 play camcorder discs?

    AVCHD discs have a specific file structure like how video DVDs has VIDEO_TS folder with VOB and IFO files. If you burn mpeg2 files on a DVD as a data disc, your DVD player wouldn't be able to play the disc since ViDEO_TS folder and appropriate files are not present. It's the same thing with PS3 and AVCHD disc. If the file structure is not present on the DVD you make, your PS3 is not gonna read/play it. You will need to contact Sony or go to Sony forum to see if the Sony software you mentioned above would allow you to make AVCHD disc to play on PS3. As an alternative, you can hook up your camcorder to PS3 with USB and play the AVCHD files directly from the camcorder hard drive.
  16. gaper1

    Can Playstation 3 play camcorder discs?

    PS3 can play AVCHD file format (formware 1.6) but you need to make an AVCHD on DVD disc for PS3 to read it. It's not just burning AVCHD files on a DVD as data.
  17. gaper1

    More Install Problems

    other than no shortcut, do you have a Roxio\Roxio Central 4 folder to copy from like the other user?
  18. gaper1

    More Install Problems

    I believe this post should help
  19. gaper1

    A *huge* "sonic" Appears On My Burnt Dvd's

    since it's a trial version, maybe it's by design.
  20. gaper1

    DirectX issue

    interesting... I wonder what's causing the difference... are you both on Vista?
  21. gaper1

    DirectX issue

    I'm wondering if you still encounter the 3D error in dxdiag.
  22. gaper1

    How To Attach Word Doc To Slide Show

    don't think you can attach word file to a slideshow. You will need to e-mail it separately with the slideshow.
  23. gaper1

    Creator 2009 Homepage Too Large For My Screen

    interesting... so it's not a dpi related issue since you have the normal size 96 dpi? I tried it on my Vista machine with 17" LCD, 1024 X 768 32bit, 96DPI and it seems to be fine. The Roxio Central is just big enough to fill up the screen but it is not larger than the screen. I was able to drag the windows around.