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    Creator 2009 Homepage Too Large For My Screen

    A bigger monitor would probably help as well especially 17" or even 19" is kind of the standard now. I can't find any store carrying anything smaller than a 19" now.
  2. gaper1

    Activation Code

  3. You can do a online scan with other anti-virus software and see if other AV software returns with the same result. it's possible that Kaspersky falsely label a legit program as a trojan.
  4. gaper1

    What Is "bdav" Plugin For

    When you author a Blu-ray disc, it's actually in BDMV, not BDAV. BDAV is just HD video on a disc without any interactivity. (no menu etc)
  5. gaper1

    Dvd Copy 2 Premier

    is iTunes installed?
  6. gaper1

    Output File Is Very Small

    where did the move file you used come from? a digital camera? downloaded online?
  7. gaper1

    New Functions In Videowave & Mydvd?

    support for AVCHD and Blu-ray burning is somewhat noteworthy... is there new functions you have in mind that MyDVD or VW doesn't do?
  8. lancien, do you have a screenshot of the issue? also, are you installing the content file? what's the name of the file you clicked to install?
  9. so the freeze happens if you click on the shortcut on the desktop or any particular component in Creator 2009? Is this on Vista or XP?
  10. gaper1

    How Do I Place Videos Back To Back Without Space

    you can check the box for Play all items continuously in Options.
  11. gaper1

    Photoshow Installation Problem?

    blueheron11, I think we are talking about two different things here. The online service through photoshow.com is supported on PC and Mac (btw, There is Safari for Windows now). When you are on your Mac, you just need to go to photoshow.com and login then you are good to go. However, there is a desktop software comes with Roxio Online Premium Service that would allow you to do the following. Burn PhotoShows to DVD for TV playback Export PhotoShows to video files (MPEG2, WMV) Author PhotoShows while not connected to the Internet Create Shows without waiting for upload completion This desktop software is not supported on Mac.
  12. gaper1

    Photoshow Installation Problem?

    don't think the photoshow desktop software is supported on Mac.
  13. gaper1

    Cant Install 2009

    lancien - do you have a screenshot of the issue? you can host it free at ImageShack jeanrosenfeld - thanks for the translation
  14. gaper1

    Emc 10 & Creator 2009

    Tested Norton360 v2 with 2009. So far Creator 2009 is not affected.
  15. gaper1

    Can't Burn Cd's

    what kind of drive is it? and what kind of disc have you used? CD-R? CD-RW? what brand?
  16. gaper1

    Subtitles Problem

    don't think it can be done but please update if you do find a software that would allow you to accomplish what you want to do.
  17. gaper1

    Older Version Of Dvdit(2.5)

    if you already burn a DVD, is there a Video_TS folder on it?
  18. gaper1

    Toast 9 Error Message

    .flv is not supported in Toast 9. not sure how you got it work on a few machines.
  19. gaper1

    Cant Install 2009

    are you able to install this DirectX from Microsoft site?
  20. sometimes .Net Framework 3.5 would take quite a long time to install. I have experience with one took 15 min and one took almost an hour. Both times I thought the install hung but I just left them there. Eventually they were installed without any error.
  21. gaper1

    Keeping Audio With Video Files

    What do you mean by finish the project? Did you edit the file in VW and output to a different format? Can you provide more details?
  22. gaper1

    Creator 2009 Ultimate?

    You can find the information here now
  23. gaper1

    Complicated Newbie Question

    perhaps what you want to do can not be done
  24. Toast 9 does convert Quicktime movies to a format playable on iPhone 3G
  25. gaper1

    Burnt Movies 'skippy'

    are you running other programs at the same time as the burning takes place? Also, can you provide more details on your Mac? G4?G5? etc...