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  1. I have owned various Toast programs and also Easy CD creator over the years, and the tech support (dare I even call it that) is worse than awful! Incompetent to say the least! Buy this poorly designed program and you are making a huge error in judgement! That is my opinion... other freeware programs will serve you better... tech support is only interested in logging you in and takes FOREVER... language barrier... and then they have no idea what to tell you and what to advise, and assign you a case number! Save your money... don't buy or upgrade TOAST!


    Instead of just ranting, why not posting what issue you encountered so maybe someone here can help you?

  2. don't think Toast would have problem creating AVCHD disc that can be played back on some devices (ex. with Roxio Video Player on Mac, PS3 etc). However, there is no guarantee if it would work with Samsung-BD1600. You have to test it to find out.


    However, if the disc plays on other devices but just not Samsung BD-1600, I would think it's more of a Samsung issue than software issue. Searching on the net for Samsung BD-1600 and AVCHD shows BD-1600 seems picky on the disc for playback.

  3. Also need same help! I have been having the same problem as in Post #1 for days now and wasted several DVD disks.

    It says unknown capture error. Details: problem with burn machine. Error codes:

    Last state 1, error code-2147200504

    Last state 17, error code-2147418113.


    Will appreciate suggestions to resolve this.


    what kind of disc you were using? your burner?


    also, you got "unknown capture error" while you are trying to burn?

  4. I get asked by friends to convert video files of various sorts from time to time, nothing commercial or extreme high quality just seems to be a regular thing. I also convert a number of personal video files for my own consumption. I was using another program that has long been out of production due to the developers ceasing to update. I was starting to run into compatibility issues with some files as time has marched on and there are new formats/audio bits that it was no longer able to handle effectively. As such I thought I would purchase Popcorn 4 since I believe Roxio makes good products and I appreciate a number of the features of the application.


    After a simple install I ran into some codec issues and upgraded my Perian to the latest which seems to have fixed the error boxes from popping up. I fed popcorn a number of 300-500 Meg AVI files which is promptly converted into .MP4 files with a 640x480 resolution without any remarkable difference from how I was doing things before. At the end of my queue was a .MKV file (about 1.1G in size), this file ran in conversion for apparently 5+ hours before I simply gave up. I played the file original through without seeing any glitches and used my old program to convert it - it took under 30 minutes. I attempted another MKV file as a test and did let it finish - the time ran well over 8 hours, another took 12 hours or so. Both of these converted under my old program in under 30 minutes without a hitch. Even a 730Meg AVI file finished in fairly rapid time under Popcorn but I seem to be having extraordinary conversion times on MKV files. As these are listed as a valid file type on the product page I don't feel I'm asking the application to do anything outside the boundaries of what it is intended. Anything that might help or I might have missed that is causing these incredible conversion times? Of note, the files it does eventually spit out from the mkv's are identical quality to the 30 minute conversions under my old application.


    I have a Core 2 Duo Imac running at 2Ghz with 3GB of ram. I considered maybe it was due to my USB chain lagging out (which I perceive to be generally slower under 10.6, but that could just be me) so I did everything under my internal drive with no improvement. I really think 12+ hours is a bit unreasonable so I think I'm either missing something or I'm doing something horribly wrong. I am aware that my Imac is becoming quite a bit outdated but I do not feel that even this older machine should be taking quite this long to convert files. The documentation that comes with Popcorn is a bit light in the area of troubleshooting and searches in the forums under even the older versions helped little.


    what is "the old program" you were using?

  5. As an update here, I have had no luck in using ATI Streaming in MYDVD, but have found some kinds of encoding do work in Videowave.


    What works is:

    AVCHD 720p

    BluRay AVC HQ

    BluRay HQ

    AVC Better Quality


    MPEG2 HD 1080p


    What doesn't work is:

    AVCHD 1920x1080i

    AVCHD 1440x1080i

    WMV91920x1080 VBR


    These are samples as I haven't tried them all. When it works its ridiculously fast..ie 28 seconds on a 66 second video using AVCHD 720p. So go figure?


    What ATI card do you have and what version of ATI driver and Avivo are you using?


  6. Unfortunately all this discussion is useless. Easy VHS to DVD for Mac (and it seems that for PC too) doesn't work as stated by Roxio. iMovie doesn't recognize the captured video (.mpg), and trying to open the file with QuickTime, I just got the sound not the video, which was captured through S-Video! Check the many discussions about this topic/issue on this same discussion group (Roxio Community). I am sorry to say that we all have been mislead. We bought a product that, very likely, hasn't even been tested before launched into the market. It is a shame Roxio....


    I can understand that you are frustrated with iMovie issue for Easy VHS to DVD for Mac based your post... however, I'm wondering what issue you have with Easy VHS to DVD for Windows.

  7. :angry2: I have done everything by the book. I mean everything, you cannot ask me to do something that i havn't already tried and i am geting really upset with this stupid ..................installation. nothing i do will allow this cpu to recognize that little frigging usb 2861. all i can do now is try to convince the retailer that the little f...........ker is none functional. Like they are going to care. somebody please answer this and calm me down.....................i don't know if i can go on....................I keep reading all the suggestions by youall and it is driving me crazy. this is not rocket science. it is easy to install software, and it should be getting easier not more difficult. I think ROXIO has brought down the big one with this. they need to go back to the drawing board. this is unbelievable to say the least. You should not need a support group like this has grown into to provide a little assistance. I think i will be returning this little package to the retailer and asking (him/her ) to place it somewhere personally uncomfortable, and refunding my money. I will then take all that dinero and buy me a big Mac. and maybe a coke............Now, how do I send this little love message??


    what exactly have you tried? It would be helpful to provide the steps you have tried before anyone can provide any advice