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    disable anti spy ware

    All I can do is recommend use of the MaAfee Security Center software. I have had no conflicts between it and EMC 8.
  2. I have installed EMC 8 on my XPS M140. After asking, EMC 8 uninstalled Dell Cine Played, Sonic DLA, and Dell Media Experience, as being incompatible, along the way. Maybe you could anticipate by uninstalling these items first. I have had a few problems that I think are attributable to EMC 8; however, I have been reasonably successful in accomplishing the desired things. After installation, I used msconfig to prevent any Sonic or Roxio programs from running at startup. I think there is an antagonism between ECM 8 and MusicMatch JukeBox. I do not run them at the same time and have prevented MM JB from being the default player for anything to prevent it from starting up for one reason or another when I am using EMC 8. I suspect that I will find many problems between Dell, XP, and EMC 8 even though Dell and Roxio, like MusicMatch, are partners. Good luck.
  3. Znod

    Sonic update manager

    For any others, I rid myself of the problem by uninstalling the update manager and stopping all Sonic/Roxio programs from running at startup.