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    Pirated Copies... The Nerve...

    True. The fastest, easiest and often cheapest way, right from the horses mouth. I don't go for local resellers either, it takes them months to get Toast and when they finally start sending offers it's even way overpriced too. OK, I'll quit on this topic. It's just that I thought the guy didn't get a completely fair deal, that's all...
  2. hermie54

    Pirated Copies... The Nerve...

    Yes, and it's going to stay that way as long as people there keep on earning sweat-shop wages while software companies keep selling at Western prices...
  3. hermie54

    Pirated Copies... The Nerve...

    In his defence, the guy said he bought it in a Bangkok Mac-shop. Ever tried to distinguish a pirated boxed copy from a real one in a shop in Asia? Ever been there?