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  1. hermie54

    Toast 15 Not Responding On El Capitan

    Well, I haven't burned anything in the last couple of weeks, so I can't say how Express Burn holds out on my machine. But then, if it turns out to be a video DVD I'll probably use Video Ambush (formerly MPEG2-Works), which always has been rock solid for me and does the burning too. For a real Red Book Audio CD I go the DSP-Quattro route, or Amadeus Pro. For a Data DVD I'll give Express Burn a try though.
  2. hermie54

    Photo Cd/dvd

    Ehmmm huckhound, just to make sure, after you chose Data at the top left, did you select Photo Disc in the pop-up under the Data Tab? The pop-up defaults to Mac Only I think.
  3. hermie54

    Toast 15 Not Responding On El Capitan

    Of course, one day after I get Toast 15 in the MacUpdate bundle Express Burn gets updated and is now at version 5.05. Which means it's still alive and I'll check it out. Feature list on the site looks fine to me, as long as it does the job and is rock solid. Time will tell.
  4. hermie54

    Toast 14.1 Update Has Been Released

    Toast 14.1 (3862) Update includes: Support OS X 10.11 EI Capitan. Update MyDVD and Toast Audio Assistant. Fix mov file cannot be edited issue. Support to show new version iMovie, iTunes and Photos in Media Browser. Fix Facebook and Youtube upload issue.
  5. hermie54

    Is Soundflower Really Needed?

    I think but am not sure it comes from Toast Audio Assistant. I'm not happy with it either and am thinking about ditching it too.
  6. hermie54

    Toast 14.1 Update Has Been Released

    I did manage to burn a Data DVD with 14.1 on 10.9.5, something that went wrong since Toast 12. The only glitch this time was the Percentage Completed counter not working during the actual burning phase. It did work during Lead In, Verify etc.
  7. hermie54

    Toast 14.1 Update Has Been Released

    Well, I'm still on 10.9.5 and got it through an automatic update check. The update window also presented a link to download the complete file separately. But if Check for Updates is greyed out you indeed have a problem. I'd wait a while to see if other Captain users encounter the same problem or not.
  8. hermie54

    Mydvd Issues...

    FYI, since 10.9 Apple in its infinite wisdom has decided to cache preferences, which means just ditching them won't do the trick anymore. Some people even question if a Restart is enough. See: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20130908042828630
  9. hermie54

    Toast 14 Announced

    Well, I launched Audio Assistant just to check it out. Error pops up saying the Kernel extension is not signed by a legal developer or some such, but still loads. The Help menu opens a dead browser link. Nice one Roxio! Also tried MyDVD. No idea what that one is supposed to do, but here there's no Help at all. Why am I not surprised. Because of lack of alternatives I had no choice but upgrade. Toast 12 crashed 4 out of 5 burns on Mavericks, even when burning Toast's own images. Let's hope this iteration behaves a bit better.
  10. hermie54

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    Way too many coasters now, even a simple data disk won't complete. Sometimes Toast crashes after a few seconds, sometimes in the middle of the burn. When I save as image first and then burn that it goes fine. But I'm more than sick of this. Toast isn't cheap and it should just work as advertised. It doesn't and support or updates are a laugh, so after many years I'm going to try something else. Dragon Burn in my case. Dunno why that one, but if it works OK one thing is sure: byebye Toast.
  11. hermie54

    Toast Titanium 12.1 Update Has Been Released!

    So far 12.1 has been a disaster for me on OS X 10.9.5. Keeps on crashing and creating coasters half way through. Hey, I got some Leawo DVD burning freebies a while ago, so I'm going to give those a try.
  12. hermie54

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    FWIW the file names you actually see in the Finder can be different from the ones used as tags in the song meta-data. My tagger of choice is Jaikoz, which does just about everything imaginable. I always start of on automatic, which most of the time does what I want. For difficult stuff there's manual, which requires a small learning curve. Experiment on a copy of the file or folder etc. Jaikoz can be found on MacUpdate for reviews or straight here: http://jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/overview/startup.jsp
  13. hermie54

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Well, I always number the tracks and include the leading zero, like 01-Whatever, 02-NextOne and so on. When I check lossless stuff that came to me from some obscure dark alleys of the Interweb's Usenet with Jaikoz it seems that Musicbrainz and whatnot also do that. Sorry, can't think of anything else at the moment.
  14. hermie54

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Good to hear you somehow figured it out! BTW I remembered how I exported seperate tracks from Amadeus Pro in one go. You can give markers a different colour, so the one at 00.00, the one for flipping the record over and the final one I coloured Red, while the actual track name markers are Black. Then, when exporting you can tell the app which markers to consider, in this case Black. Et voila, all tracks exported to disk or iTunes without the unwanted bits. I lost interest in digitizing, probably cuz of updating my old broken HiFi with going Sonos and listening to CDs with Sennheiser headset. Still, loads of records left and I'm slowly getting the urge again. Oh well, we'll see how things pan out.
  15. hermie54

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Hmmm, looks like the track names are in the actual file itself as meta data, there's just nothing else to have them show up. I opened Leonard Cohen's Songs from a Room AIFF in Tex-Edit Plus and did a search. Sure enough in a bit of gibberish right at the end my track names are hidden: ˇ|ˇzˇ{ˇwˇyˇyˇz ˇyˇsˇqˇpˇqˇ|ˇxˇtˇ{ˇ}ˇ}ˇzˇ~ˇ~ˇ{ˇuˇ{ˇ{ ˇyˇ{ˇsAPPLsPiNÀtypedstreamÅËÑ@ÑÑÑDSSTrackAndProcessingInfoÑÑNSObjectÖíÑÑÑNSMutableArrayÑÑNSArrayîÑi íÑÑÑDSSAudioTrackInfoîíÑÑÑNSStringîÑ+SuzanneÜíÑÑÑNSNumberÑÑNSValueîÑ*ÑÑqûǶÜíÑùùüûÇÆèÄÜíÑùùÑÑcüÜÜíÑôíÑõöMaster SongÜíÑùùüûÇÆèÄÜíÑùùüûÇ£O¿Üí°ÜíÑôíÑõöWinter LadyÜíÑùùüûÇ£O¿ÜíÑùùüûÇN@Üí°ÜíÑôíÑõöThe Stranger SongÜíÑùùüûÇN@ÜíÑùùüûÇ‘.†Üí°ÜíÑôíÑõöSisters of MercyÜíÑùùüûÇ‘.†ÜíÑùùüûÇhÙêÜí°ÜíÑôíÑõöSo Long, MarianneÜíÑùùüûÇy‰ÄÜíÑùùüûÇdπ∞Üí°ÜíÑôíÑõö!Hey, that's no way to say GoodbyeÜíÑùùüûÇdπ∞ÜíÑùùüûÇfi}êÜí°ÜíÑôíÑõöStories of the StreetÜíÑùùüûÇfi}êÜíÑùùüûÇúÎêÜí°ÜíÑôíÑõöTeachersÜíÑùùüûÇúÎêÜíÑùùüûÇnêÜí°ÜíÑôíÑõöOne of Us cannot be WrongÜíÑùùüûÇnêÜíÑùùüûÇ—sÜí°ÜÜíÑñóíÑÑÑDSSAudioProcessingRangeInfoîíÑõöSound EnhancerÜíÑùùÑóóÜíÑùùüûÇ÷ÄÜíÑÑÑNSMutableDictionaryÑÑNSDictionaryîóíÑõöWidenessÜíÑùùÑÑf£É>(`7ÜíÑõö DSS_FILTER_APPLICATION_TIMESTAMPÜíÑÑÑNSDateîÑdÉA¢¿√$·ÜíÑõöExciterÜíÑùù”£É>(`7ÜíÑõöSub-BassÜíÑùù”£É> FYI, a couple of years ago when I switched I put this up on Amadeus' forum: http://www.hairersoft.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5410 The idea is the same but the app functions a little bit different. However, when you get the hang of it, it's great and rock solid.
  16. hermie54

    Spin Doctor, Recovering Metadata/files: Song Titles

    Have you searched with for instance EasyFind for file or folder names from the companies that made up CD Spin Doctor? Below is a sorta listing found in Spin Doctor's Manual. BTW I also used this one a long time ago and since its demise switched to Amadeus Pro for doing the same thing. So I tried opening some files made with Spin Doctor in Amadeus. They do open (of course), however the track names window stays blank. Bummer for me too. Here's some legal text with names to search for like Sonic or Algorithmix. Best of luck! Legal Information © 1994-2009 Sonic Solutions. All rights reserved. Use of this product is subject to your agreement to all of the terms of each of the license agreements included in this package. This product may be protected by one or more of the patents listed at www.roxio.com/en/ patents. Trademarks Roxio, the burning disc logo, Sonic, Sonic Solutions, Toast, the toaster with discs logo, CD Spin Doctor, Fit-to-DVD, Jam, and Toast It are registered trademarks owned by Sonic Solutions in the United States, and other jurisdictions. Third-Party Trademarks and Technologies Mac, the Mac logo, QuickTime, iLife, iPod, iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, iPhone, iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut, and Apple TV are trademarks of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. PowerPC is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. Audio effect engine licensed by Algorithmix, www.algorithmix.com. VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
  17. hermie54

    Toast 12.0.1 Available

    Toast offers a 12.0.1 update, however the link in the update screen to get the latest complete installer fails (which doesn't really surprise me anymore). The new version is for Yosemity compatibility. Just letting you know guys!
  18. Sorry guys, forgot... I you want to clear up vinyl recorded audio give ClickRepair a try. This little gem can be found here: http://www.clickrepair.net/software_info/clickrepair.html
  19. Amadeus Pro is another one that captures audio from vinyl and lets you seperate tracks. Rock solid and works like a charm. Bit of a learning curve, although the idea is the same as Spin Doctor's. Also able to downsample 24 bits to 16/44.1.
  20. hermie54

    Write Error - Toast 12 - Mac

    My iMac drive stopped writing within a year and its replacement is also a heep of cheap slot loading junk. So I'm using an external one which works just fine. But then, my LaCie external FireWire drive (can't remember what was actually in the casing) also gave up the ghost after about five years, so that one had to be replaced as well. I think the drive really is the weakest link. For discs I always get Verbatim, making sure they carry the AZO or some such marking.
  21. hermie54

    Live Video Capture

    All three appear in my Toast 12s Extra menu, but besides Toast itself only DiscCatalogMaker and Live Screen Capture are in the folder. So I take it the Player is handled by Toast itself.
  22. hermie54

    Curious About Toast 12

    My email just came in and had the 60 and 100 prices. However, as usual the US Dollar sign has been conveniently replaced by a Euro sign. Meaning a double ripoff. Yet again.
  23. hermie54

    Curious About Toast 12

    Yep, except for its icon all looks exactly the same. To me it's more a bug fix and compatibility issues with OSX 10 then a new version. Haven't used it yet, though. But on first glance it's more or less a money grab by Corel. Ehmmm sure, they got mine...
  24. hermie54

    Curious About Toast 12

    Hi tsantee, I took the plunge and upgraded to the cheaper Toast 12 Titanium (got Leawoo Bluray burning thingie as a freebie somewhere and don't own a Bluray recorder anyway) and besides Toast Titanium only DiscCatalogMaker RE and Live Screen Capture are in the version 12 folder.
  25. hermie54

    Convert Mkv With Softsubs To Mp4(Apple Tv)

    Oh? I seem to have no problems by just dropping the file onto Beamer http://beamer-app.com/ to have it play on my telly through Apple TV.