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    Power Goes Out With Battery Backup

    Hi Sandy! I'm not really sure about your photo metadata to text file plans, but for ages there has been one graphic file related must-have for Mac, called GraphicConverter by Thorsten Lemke. It's not just another poor man's Photoshop (PhotoLine is though), it can do much, much more. It's relatively cheap shareware and is stuffed with help files and ginormous manuals under the Help menu. You can find it at http://www.lemkesoft.de/en/products/graphicconverter/ or read some reviews at macupdate.com. Just a tip...
  2. hermie54

    Record To Mac

    Here's one done in Amadeus Pro. The idea is the same as with Spin Doctor, however here there's a reason for the different colour markers. This way I can save all tracks separately in one go using the Split option (for uploading somewhere - you can also send the tracks straight to iTunes). The recording has -cr at the end of the file name, which means I ran ClickRepair on it. Little Gem that is too. I hope the screenshot survives so you get an idea about what it looks like. I opened the Split save screen so you can see what I mean with the marker colours. It takes some time to get the hang of the procedure, but when you do it's great fun. Amadeus is rock solid and ClickRepair never crashed on me either.
  3. hermie54

    Why Does Toast Want Access To My Contact List?

    I don't know either, nor do I understand what Corel is up to. Just noticed on MacUpdate that Corel apparently launched a sort of Toast Lite, instead of paying attention to its loyal Titanium customers. Let alone fix some serious bugs and whatnot.
  4. hermie54

    Toast 11 Needs A Major Update For Mavericks (10.9)

    I upgraded from 10.6.8 to Mavericks yesterday. Timing eh? Anyway I installed it and now About Toast Titanium gives Version 11.2 Haven't tried anything with it yet, though.
  5. hermie54

    Toast 11 Needs A Major Update For Mavericks (10.9)

    Looks like Toast has been updated for Mavericks, checkout MacUpdate for build 3175 or here http://img.roxio.com/updaters/toast/v11/Toast_11_Titanium_3175.dmg Hope it's no hoax folks Have fun, Hermie
  6. hermie54

    Toast Titanium 11 And Cd Spin Doctor On Mac Os !0.8

    Amadeus Pro which can be found on http://www.hairersoft.com/ lets you do the same as CD Spin Doctor, get the vinyl audio and split and name tracks. The way of doing things is a bit different, but the app is rock solid and once you get the hang of it you'll be delighted.
  7. hermie54

    File Edit Is Extremely Slow

    Ehmmm, have you tried ditching Toast's Prefs? One never knows...
  8. hermie54

    Mixed Format Video Ntsc & Pal

    Thank you oldarchiver. Yes, it is supposed to be a European cinema movie DVD rip. So why Toast insists on converting to NTSC instead of just leave it at 24 still goes beyond me. Like PAL and NTSC (Never The Same Colour I think it stands for) are equal, except that NTSC is a wee bit more equal than PAL. Something like that. It doesn't really matter because TVs and DVD stand alones play both and also Secam, which I have never encountered yet. Old French format I think. I was surprised that my rather cheap DVD player also handles various XVID thingies on UDF disks and a quick Google on its model number coughed up a nice and easy region hack. I'm still very happy with it.
  9. hermie54

    Mixed Format Video Ntsc & Pal

    Hmmm, got an XVID dot avi file and it's PAL according to Get Info in QT, which is agreed by IFFMPEG, frame rate about 24. When I give Toast a chance it insists the content is NTSC. Weird. In the end I just burned the files on an UDF disk which plays fine on the telly. Toast glitch perhaps?
  10. Using XLD I hope, the closest to Windows EAC. It has a batch mode if I remember correctly (never used it myself) and when in doubt you can Google for the best settings.
  11. I sincerely doubt you will get better audio quality because the damage has already been done while creating the lossy MP3. Converting to FLAC or Monkey's Audio cannot make the already lost data magically reappear. The proof is in the spectrum.
  12. hermie54

    Write Speed Dropped With Version 11.1 (1072)

    Writing has just started and discs are written from the inside out, which means it can't write at 12x from the word Go. Technical thing, perhaps someone here can give a decent explanation. Anyway, does Current write speed increase to 12x later on?
  13. hermie54

    Rip Cd To Flac File

    Just wondering why you're not using XLD to do this? Look for it on MacUpdate or go here: http://tmkk.pv.land.to/xld/index_e.html
  14. hermie54

    Looking For Alternatives - Cd Spin Doctor

    Put Amadeus in the Search box at the top of the page while on the Toast 11 forum page and have it search This Forum. You'll get some hits about Spin Doctor problems and Amadeus as an alternative. I'm not a huge audio user either and with Amadeus Pro you'll have to get used to a different way of defining tracks with markers, but when you get the hang of it you'll love it.
  15. hermie54

    Why My Burnt And My Original Aiff File Sizes Differ?

    Some circles on Mac use XLD for ripping Audio CDs, to be found through MacUpdate or directly here: http://tmkk.pv.land.to/xld/index_e.html A guide on how to set it up and use it can be found here: http://www.digitalvertigo.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=26740&oo=312
  16. hermie54

    Stuck At 99%

    Ahhh, good to know the real problems are being addressed. Let's hope the devs are on the right track. Ehmmm, welcome back Pat and Ivan, LTNS.
  17. hermie54

    Fatal Bug In 11.0.5

    Toast 1106 on "check for updates", here are the changelogs for 1105 and 1106 Toast 11.0.6 (730) Update includes: • Resolved various localization issues • Resolved compatibility issues with some video files exported to PS Vita format Toast 11.0.5 (727) Update includes: • Added video export profiles for iPad (third generation), AppleTV (third generation) and PS Vita • Toast will now correctly growl with support for Growl 1.3.x from Mac App Store • Resolved issue where malformed MP4 file may cause Toast to crash • Resolved issue where malformed video files may cause Video Player to crash • Setting audio crossfades in spanned disc projects should no longer cause a crash • Users who enjoy scrolling up and down will once again enjoy using the AVCHD Media Browser • Cosmetic issue where "Pause" and "Resume" buttons did not update has been fixed • Resolved graphics alignment issue when authenticating to Facebook • Attempting to authenticate to Vimeo with an unverified account will remind you to check verify your email address • Open QuickTime Player option when converting audio now opens QuickTime instead of iTunes • Length of video is now correctly displayed in the main window when working with DVD-Video sources • Video_TS Folder and Compilation projects will now correctly include DVD-ROM content • Photos rotated using iPhoto should now be correctly rotated in Toast Media Browser • Resolves error that may occur when writing Lead-Out track on DVD+R DL media under Lion • Image File based projects now correctly allow you to replace the first image you added to the project with a new image • Audio durations will in spanned Audio CD projects will now be correctly updated in the main window • Resolved cosmetic issue where the volume name of an image file may not display correctly • Skipping forward and seeking through ASF video files should now work correctly in Video Player • Resolved issues with window focus when using Quick Look preview on Web Video content
  18. hermie54

    Fatal Bug In 11.0.5

    New build available through Check for Updates.
  19. hermie54

    Extracting Hi-Res Audio From Dvds

    There are some VOB possibilities in MPEG2 Works 4, but I haven't tried them myself. To give it a try go here: http://www.mpeg2works.com/
  20. hermie54

    Xvid Codec Problems (This Is 2011, Wtf!)

    Ehmmm, did you get the AVI by ripping the original perhaps copy protected or whatever DVD? If you didn't use MTR for the ripping part then it probably won't work. Sorry if I understand the situation completely wrong though.
  21. hermie54

    Xvid Codec Problems (This Is 2011, Wtf!)

    Hmmm, nowadays when I want the end result to be a video DVD I convert whatever it is with MPEG2 Works 4 Advanced (which uses Perian and Apple's MPEG2 thingie to MPEG2. Then I drag those files into Toast, do titles, background and whatnot and save as Disc Image. When it's a wee bit to much for a single layer DVD I have DVDRemaster Pro do the compressing and burning. OK, not the way it should be perhaps, but it works fine for me.
  22. hermie54

    Capturing Music From Vinyl, Cassette As Well As Cds

    Yup, just search for anything Spin Doctor or CD Spin Doctor on here and you'll get the drift. I switched to Amadeus Pro for recording and track editing (rock solid) and ClickRepair to get most pops and clicks out without any hassle while leaving the music intact.
  23. hermie54

    Spin Doctor Problems

    Hi Dan, I've also thrown in the towel and am now using Amadeus Pro (see other Spin Doctor thread). It's rock solid and works with markers to seperate the tracks. Similar to Spin Doctor, but a small learning curve because you have to get the hang of splitting your recording the Amadeus way. However, once you get it it's actually beautifully done and with one command you can save the lot as seperate tracks for iTunes or whatever. If you give your beginning, turn-over record and ending empty space markers a different colour the app can ignore them while splitting and saving so you keep your actual tracks. Sounds weird now perhaps, but give it a trial. Don't give up on Amadeus too soon because you think it's inferior to Spin Doctor. The more you play with it the sooner you'll be convinced it's quite the other way around. I've got the Amadeus Pro version, but there's also a Light one. I don't know the differences, but that's on the site. You can do it all in there: record, edit tracks and export the results. Here's the URL: http://www.hairersoft.com/pro.html Have fun, Hermie
  24. hermie54

    Spin Doctor - Which File Format To Save?

    Yes, Audio CD is for a real audio cd player, meaning the full load uncompressed. For that you would save as AIFF or WAV (same thing but on Mac called AIFF and on Win it's WAV). If you want to keep the files and save some disk space or upload them to for instance a lossless newsgroup you could convert them to FLAC or APE (Monkey's Audio), which are lossless compression formats. So that when you need the songs again later and you expand them back to their original uncompressed format you will not miss a single note. I'm a lossless freak, so I'm not much help with MP3 or AAC disks I'm afraid. BTW you can also play FLAC files directly with for instance Cog, which saves unpacking when you just want to have a listen on your Mac. For a real good compression tool go to MacUpdate and download xACT. When you get the hang of it you'll love it.
  25. hermie54

    Spin Doctor

    After getting over the shock of Toast's interface first view, IMNSHO the worst ever, I decided to give the new Spin Doctor a try. Another shock, all's black and 'orrible! Anyway, survived that too and opened an old file. Tracks not read, listing empty! Tried the same file with old CD Spin Doctors from Toast 9 and 10 and there everything showed up fine. Other files same result. Not backward compatible anymore or just not tested? Dunno, anybody else gave this a try yet? Have fun, Hermie