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    Click/dropout At Every Crossfade Point

    It's no use, Sir Cecil. I started moaning about this when Toast 8 arrived and it's still there. Meaning one still cannot burn a gapless audio CD with Toast 9, because the tick, dropout or whatever one wants to call it can be heard ON THE BURNED DISC! So I'm still using Toast 7 or Burn to get the job done. Having paid for Toast 6, 7, 8, 9 and some iterations of Popcorn doesn't seem to impress Roxio at all. I think it's sad to see that my Toast 9 is now reduced to burning Data discs only. For the other stuff Im quite happy with DVD2One, DVDRemaster and Burn. Oh well...
  2. hermie54

    Toast 9.0.2 - Clean Install Using The Update?

    Hmmm, yes, sure, dunno. I mean, my 901 ESD download was about 25 MB larger then the 902 one. Not counting the plugin file, of course. Documentation or tutorial related, perhaps?
  3. hermie54

    Cd Spin Doctor 5

    John, I love CDSD too, although I haven't tried the new version yet. I only do a wee bit of filtering but give the final AIFF a ClickRepair run. Ever tried that one? If not, give it a go on a copy and listen. I bet you'd be pleasantly surprised. You can find it here: http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~briand/sound/s...epair_info.html Have fun, Hermie
  4. hermie54

    Gapless Audio Cd Finally Fixed?

    Toast 8 came with an audio fading and what not editor built in, probably from Jam. Fine of course, were it not for the fact that gapless now comes with an audible track change on the burned disc. No way to get rid of it, which is why I used Toast 7 for Exact Audio Copy discs. Going through all the effort in getting it all setup to get an exact copy (and I mean really exact) gets rather spoiled when one hears a sound every track change. In the mean time I found a freebie called Burn (Open Source it seems). Already asked the author about its Audio Disc capabilities...
  5. hermie54

    Gapless Audio Cd Finally Fixed?

    Thank you for the info freshburn! Unbelievable though, really. Whole threads have been written about this glitch and I'm not the only one experiencing it either. Still, as usual, no action from Roxio... Which means I have to stick with Toast 7. No idea if that one will still run when I finally upgrade to 10.5. If it doesn't that means there's probably no way to burn a decent audio disc on a Mac anymore and just for that I'd hafta buy a PC? Hmmm, perhaps I missed a small competitor? Hey Roxio, can you make Toast 10 do the vacuming or drive a car? Jeez. Sorry guys, frustrated by Roxio yet again...
  6. hermie54

    Clicks between tracks

    Robustojoe, We've been here before, see this thread please: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=19901 No reaction from Roxio...
  7. hermie54

    Toast 8 error after upgrading to MAC OSX Leopard

    Hmmm, in that case I won't upgrade to 10.5 yet, because with Toast 8 I can't burn a decent gapless Audio CD, one can hear it change tracks in a continuous piece of music which is rather annoying. I need 7 for that cuz it hasn't got the "upgraded" editing engine or whatever it's called and thus no problem. Still waiting for a Roxio fix, but not holding my breath...
  8. hermie54

    "gapless" CD's impossible on Toast 8

    So I burnt my CD with Toast 7 which went without a hitch. Gapless and no irritating sounds, like it should be. Will this major flaw be fixed in Toast 8? I don't think so, I'm not holding my breath. Knowing Roxio it will perhaps be addressed in Toast 9, meaning yet another money grab for what should be a QUICK bug fix. But then, I bet ya that Toast 9 will introduce new major issues that won't get fixed until Toast 10 sees the light. As a paid upgrade, of course. Chances are I won't go for it. Like I didn't upgrade Popcorn, I'll probably stop doing so with Toast as well. Complete disregard of its customers and no regular updates/bug fixes by Roxio finally got me to a point where I feel rather miffed. Have fun, Hermie
  9. hermie54

    "gapless" CD's impossible on Toast 8

    I tried to burn a new backup car copy of DSOTM with Toast 801. Well, it's not in the car, but in the bin. I can hear it switch from one track to the next. No pause as such, but a sound which spoils the whole disc. I'll give Toast 7 a try later, never had problems with that one...
  10. hermie54

    cannot update from 8.0 to 8.1

    Ehmmm Rick, just to make sure. The Toast 801 update comes as a .zip file. If you haven't set your browser to do so automatically you have to unpack it first by double-clicking. Anyway, you should end up with a .dmg file, which is a disk image. Double-click that one to mount the disk image, which is a nice Toasty Discie icon on your desktop. It should also open automatically presenting you with a window. In that window click and hold the Toast folder icon and drag it - following the arrow - into the Application Folder alias in the same window. It will then copy and/or ask you to replace the Toast folder in your real Applications folder. When it's done you can close the window and drag the disk image icon to the Trash. Or unmount through the sidebar, contextual menu, Finder File Menu or hit Apple E. That's it, you should now have 8.0.1 in your Applications folder. Have fun, Hermie
  11. hermie54

    Popcorn vs Toast 8

    Oh well, it will probably turn out to be the same cycle as before. Meaning instead of an update to Toast 8 we will see Toast 9 appear in a couple of months, doing all Popcorn 3 does and a wee bit more. Happened twice before, so this time I'm thinking about skipping Popcorn 3... Have fun, Hermie
  12. hermie54

    EXTREMEMLY slow burn speeds

    I'm having a similar problem... Suddenly my internal LaCie NEC 3530AW won't burn properly anymore. All the recorder settings pop up in a flash and everything looks normal, but both "for real" and in simulation mode it won't go any faster then 4x. Intermittend as well. Max speed for data DVD on this drive is 16x. To me it looks like for some reason data can't be sent to the drive correctly anymore. No idea why, but could it be a System or Security update that is causing this behaviour? Nope, I don't think the drive is broken (I already replaced a perfectly good drive for what later turned out to be the Retrospect 2 GB PPC memory bug - still not fixed). Anyway, copying to my other internal HD and external Pocket Drive works normal and burning to my external LaCie goes fine, too. I'm rather puzzled at the moment... Have fun, Hermie
  13. hermie54


    When saving as Disc Image Toast 8 quickly starts grinding away, sometimes taking hours. So I take it it is encoding or some such. Fine, but all the time in the small window's orange bar it says: "Waiting...". Which, quite frankly, I find rather annoying. Toast 7 told me in the bottom bar that is was encoding followed by the title it was working on. So why can't Toast 8 tell me this? I would know what exactly Toast is doing plus, if something goes wrong, I'd know which title might be causing the problem. Now I know nutzing at all. Can this be addressed, please? Have fun, Hermie Oh, and an operations log accessible by button, please!
  14. hermie54

    Prefs ==> Audio & Video ==> Enable Dithering

    Thanks! But reading the story I understand it to be mostly a conversion thing. Perhaps Toast uses it when exporting to another format or crossfading etc. Just guessing. But since the Flac or Monkey's Audio files in my case are already unpacked to Wav or AIF through xACT and Toast only has to burn them to disc without gaps I take it that it doesn't really make much difference. My goal is to get a bit by bit copy of an original Audio CD so to be on the safe side I think I'm leaving it off for the time being.
  15. I mean, when burning an Audio CD from lossless files originating from an EAC Rip I guess it should be toggled Off, no? But then, it seems to be on by default. So, if it actually does do something, what is it? Can't find any reference to this setting in the Help files. Roxio, I really think there ought to be a Chapter on Preferences in there. Good practise with most manuals and it would avoid questions like this. OK, not completely perhaps...
  16. hermie54

    Cannot export DVD to iPod video

    OK, thank you very much! I'll keep that in mind for the next time I need this and it hasn't been fixed yet.
  17. hermie54

    Cannot export DVD to iPod video

    Same problem here... Pull title from Toast Media Browser into Video DVD field and file gets extracted. Select file and export to H.264, MP4, QuickTime or whatever and a few seconds later a Mac OS error pops up. Which to me says exporting is down the drain in Toast 801. Ripped the unprotected DVD with MTR and Batch-exported the lot to QT Movie in MPEG Streamclip. Then in QT export to iPod again in order to get the clips into iTunes. Roxio, can you check and fix the exporting features ASAP, please. Thank you...
  18. hermie54

    Toast 8.0.1 signal handling bug

    If I remember correctly this is done by a jumper setting on the drive...
  19. hermie54

    Constant DVD Verification failures! Help!

    I have an internal NEC 3520AW and an external LaCie FW TsstCorp SHS-162L and both work just fine with Toast 8 using Verbatim 16x media. I even burned a Dual DVD-R last night without problems. The Firmware on both drives is the latest available though. So check out the LaCie site Support ==> Downloads ==> DVD and if that won't help for your NEC their site as well. Chances are the LaCie download will flash the NEC, but you could also use NecFlash. Should still be on VersionTracker or MacUpdate.
  20. hermie54

    Update 8.01

    Look here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...p;hl=netbarrier Don't forget to uncheck the last site visited or something like that and try again...
  21. hermie54

    Okay--where is upgrade link?!

    I had that happen a couple of times, but when i tried again a while later it took me to a login screen and after doing so the download started. Perhaps it works when you login to "My Roxio" first? FTR I used Omniweb...
  22. hermie54

    Okay--where is upgrade link?!

    Give it another try, please. It is there now. Got it and I'll give it a spin tomorrow. Thanks Roxio!
  23. hermie54

    DVD loading: Disk insertion error post-Toast 8 install

    I've seen this. It's not a Toast thing, but an OS issue. A restart usually cured it for me. But then, sometimes it just started working again after some attempts. For me the problem went away about halfway through 10.4. If restarting doesn't help shut the pooter down, take the plug out so the power is completely off, put it back in after a few minutes and then try again. This will reset the Mac's Power Management Unit so you'll have a complete cold start, meaning a better chance for drives to be recognized properly so the Finder can mount discs again. Well, something like that...
  24. hermie54

    Switching off burning status display?

    I'm not too keen on the way the shrinking window works at the moment either... At the moment I'm saving a video-DVD as disc image. It's about 40 percent through, but the text in the window still says "Waiting...". The text is wonky when burning data DVDs as well. It usually doesn't report it's writing the Lead-in, for instance. I mean, it all looks very sophisticated, but with Toast 7 at least I could check what it was doing. Think I saw a pref setting to switch animation off. If it's there I'll give that a try and see what happens.
  25. hermie54

    why wont 4.4gb fit on 4.7gb DVD?

    I don't think it will work with Toast 6 either, because the actual capacity of a single layer DVD is 4.38 GB... I don't think it will work with Toast 6 either, because the actual capacity of a single layer DVD is 4.38 GB...