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  1. hermie54

    Toast 8 doesn't launch on PowerMac G4

    Just checking, but is your QuickTime up to date (7.1.3)?
  2. hermie54

    Toast 8 doesn't launch on PowerMac G4

    I would repair permissions and do a DiskWarrior run, then have a go with the 10.4.8 Combo updater, not the small patch. This usually solves my problems. Can't do any harm...
  3. hermie54

    Commercial DVDs?

    Removing copy protection (home use backup for instance) is either legal or illegal depending on where you live on this globe. There actually is life behind the horizon, you know...
  4. hermie54

    Toast 8 doesn't launch on PowerMac G4

    I'm on a Dual G4 1.42 MDD FW800 with 2 GB RAM and it works fine...
  5. hermie54

    Toast 8

    Let's hope so, it has rather big layout changes. Hmmm, my dock is quite full and the icons are tiny so I'll probably miss whatever fancy is going on. A long list in Snard also...
  6. hermie54

    Toast 8

    Hi again patatrox, It worked fine and I've got it, thank you very much! Used it straight away to burn the image to a backup CD and that also went fine. Have to get used to the animation and changing window stuff though...
  7. hermie54

    Toast 8

    Hi patatrox, As happened with Toast 7 I haven't received an upgrade and/or new version email. My addie is still the same, of course. Like before i want to buy from the horses mouth and not be ripped off by your localized store. For starters it takes months for Toast 8 to trickle through there and when it finally does they simply change Dollars for Euros without converting and slap some extra on for good measure. And I want the original version anyway. Still waiting for the real upgrade to go up on the site which would solve the problem I think (no MIR), but it's not there yet. Which to me means it probably won't. Sorry for sounding a tad negative...
  8. hermie54

    What do i need?

    The files he's talking about are not RARed, but segmented. So they need to be joined. There are more apps that will do this, but Catenator still works the best and is free to boot. Put the files together in a folder, select them all and drop the whole shebang on Catenator. That's all there is to it...
  9. hermie54

    What do i need?

    Try Catenator, freebie. You can find it here: http://frozenheads.com/page/catenator
  10. hermie54

    Toast 7.0 Upgrade

    And for cleaning up: when you've finished dragging (copying) things close the opened image and drag its icon to the trash. This wil "unmount" the disk image and you'll be left with the .dmg file to either also ditch or backup somewhere in case you have to repeat the whole shebang again for whatever reason...
  11. hermie54

    New user

    If the update file ends in .zip double click it to unpack. Then double click the actual file that ends in .dmg to mount it. In the window that opens double click the Readme file for instructions on how to proceed. Which in short is replace the old files with the new ones dragged from the window...
  12. hermie54


    No problems here with Omniweb through a DrayTek Vigor 2900i either. DiskWarriored and Cocktailed regularly. Are you sure there aren't any old firewall or whatever leftovers around?
  13. hermie54

    "Disc failed to be written" error

    I have the exact same drive and it works fine on a regular FW 400 bus. Try updating firmware, mine is on LC02. You can get it from the LaCie site. I'm using Verbatim media.
  14. hermie54

    Check for Updates

    Popcorn 2.0.1 has been out for a while now, but the app's "Check for Updates" still says there's nothing new on the horizon...
  15. hermie54

    7.1 download zip - doesn't download

    Search for VirusBarrier or something similar on this forum. There is a checkbox somewhere that has to be switched to Off, I think. Haven't got it myself, so I can't tell you whre it is...
  16. hermie54

    Recorder not recognised

    Hmmm, I would try the latest OS Combo update and perhaps Patchburn to check if it's software related, but if that doesn't work you might have a faulty drive. For comparison, here's what System Profiler says about my external drive under Disc Burning: TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S162L: Firmware Revision: LC02 Interconnect: FireWire Burn Support: Yes (Vendor Supported) Profile Path: /Library/DiscRecording/DeviceProfiles/LaCie.drprofile Cache: 2048 KB Reads DVD: Yes CD-Write: -R, -RW DVD-Write: -R, -RAM, -RW, +R, +RW, +R DL Burn Underrun Protection CD: Yes Burn Underrun Protection DVD: Yes Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO Media: No
  17. hermie54


    Or just double-click the .dmg file... I find automatic mounting, launching, opening or whatever after a download extremely annoying, so it's off on all fronts. The same reason why I hate automatic cars: I drive the thing, so I decide when it shifts gear, not the other way around.
  18. hermie54

    iPod now supports higher resolution, How Do I do it with Popcorn?

    ffmpegX has been updated a couple of days ago with the new ipod settings, me thinks...
  19. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    OK, thank you very much! I don't have an Intel Mac, but I do still have Virtual PC installed (mainly for the yearly tax stuff, which isn't really necessary anymore because nowadays our tax office or whatever one calls it releases a Mac version. Yep, really!). Anyway, VPC doesn't recognise FireWire but the LaCie external also has an USB connector. Since I have an USB2-card in my G4, perhaps that would work. But then, this firmware-update might not be the same as Samsung's normal releases because of the LaCie-Mac-specific fault. I'm probably completely wrong here though...
  20. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    When recording data DVD's with my new LaCie external FireWire drive I get an error when I hit the burn button. Something like Not Supported, Sense Key and invalid entry in parameter list. Or some such... I went looking in Toast's menu items for a button to show its operations log, but I can't find it. Neither can I find the log by hand. I wanted the log to get the exact text of what Toast thinks went wrong, thought that might come in handy when posting here. Isn't there a simple way to pop up the log, or is there no log? Anyway, after hitting OK the window goes away and the burn starts as usual. It starts at 16x on Toast's Best setting but slows down after a while. Verification goes fine. So it does work, be it a bit iffy. I always was under the impression that Toast works with all drives and doesn't need "support" like Retrospect for instance. Am I wrong? Is it too new to be "supported" by Toast 702? Or does it work differently with this app?
  21. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    You obviously know a lot more. Can you elaborate a bit, please? I would think that if Samsung wants to sell a lot of their drives in a LaCie casing it's in their own interest to get their gear working properly. And LaCie's reputation is at stake... I still don't understand why drive manufacturers won't post a small firmware flashing app for various operating systems themselves. It can't be that hard to do. Now we remain dependent on third party stuff, like NecFlash for my internal (also came in a LaCie box). Not sure here, but I think that guy stopped developement.
  22. hermie54

    Disc Image from **Audio** CD, not CD with audio files

    Hmmm, it will probably work and sound alright, but of course the result will not be an accurate rip, like done with Exact Audio Copy on PC (some developers are working on a Mac equivalent). Whole different art, audio ripping...
  23. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    OK, flashed Firmware which went fine and burned a Data DVD: niente errare. Great!
  24. hermie54

    The application Toast Titanium quit unexpectedly.

    Mine does that whenever I've used the little audio player to check gaps etc while burning audio discs...
  25. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    LaCie DVD Update Tool 1.4 has been posted (haven't tried it yet, gotto go out first). Look here, please: http://www.lacie.com/support/drivers/index.htm