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    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    The latest I heard from LaCie Benelux is that they are going to release a (firmware) update roundabout September 8...
  2. hermie54

    DVD burning error

    Zuzuballey: this is a Lacie d2 drive with Samsung mechanism Firmware bug. I'm still busy with LaCie to get them to post a Firmware update. But until now both LaCie USA and Benelux blame everything except Firmware. They even sent me Lightscribe updates and DVD Update Tool for NEC mechanism. Says it all I suppose. Anyway, try burning at 4x instead of higher or Best. Chances are the error vanishes...
  3. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    Well, guess what? I finally got an answer from LaCie USA. But... It isn't any good. They give me the advice to re-apply the OS X Combo Updater (I'm at 10.4.7 through Apple's Combo), a link to the latest DVD Update Tool which is from last year and not for the new d2 drives with Samsung mechanism. Then they mention Toast 7.0.1, can you believe it? Their website is on 7.0.2 BTW. Further links for Lightscribe Host software and a FAQ on DVD media. And that was that. NOT A WORD about the necessary d2 Samsung mechanism Firmware flash, zilch! I pointed the problem out to them yet again, but so far not a word. To me this so called "support" says a lot about the sate of affairs at LaCie's. Sell as much stuff as possible, but don't care about keeping your customer's relevant software updated. Perhaps someone else has more success...
  4. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    Yep and no error when burning at 4x. I've been moaning to LaCie about it asking them to post a firmware update, but I don't even get an answer. Says it all I think, goodbye LaCie!
  5. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    Of course, but LaCie has to make the firmware updates available. Windooze user can patch to their hearts content straight from the Samsung site, as usual...
  6. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    Thank you very much for the info freshburn! I'll sure give it a try and see what happens. I've been moaning to LaCie about the lack of firmware updates from their end, because on the Samsung site it looks like there have been four already. But since i haven't got a flash-thingie for Samsung the updates have to come from LaCie I'm afraid. Oi! LaCie! If you don't get on with it this drive was the last thing I ever bought from you guys! Sorry, bit frustrated...
  7. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    I think this "Illegal Request" error may have something to do with Toast's big Burn button, because when I use my internal burner (which doesn't give an error) the button turns from red to blue while burning, but when using the external burner it turns from red to grey... So far this only happens with DVD-Rs, the only other media I've used with the external were CDRs and those don't generate an error. Weird. Different request from Toast, perhaps?
  8. hermie54

    New Toast 7.1 Patch

    I don't have NetBarrier, so I can't help you there. But you say you connect through Airport Extreme. Doesn't that thing have any settings to experiment with? Sorry, but I haven't got one of those either... Any Airport Extremists to chime in, please? There is, of course, another way of getting the update to you, but I bet Roxio won't be all to enthousiast about iDisks etc. Probably Verboten in some small print or other. But then, who reads that?
  9. hermie54

    New Toast 7.1 Patch

    Hmmm, we've had this one before and I think it turned out that a Firewall app was the culprit. Can you check if you have for instance Netbarrier installed, please? If so, turn it off and try again...
  10. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    I haven't burned anything else than using the Data tab on this recorder yet. Mostly music burned as data like dot flac and dot ape, plus media files that have lots of different extensions. I get the error with DVDs right after filling the RAM cache. But after clicking OK the disc burns and verifies fine. If I read the error message I take it that it means that Toast is asking illegal questions, whatever those might be...
  11. hermie54


    I don't think it's the media becaue i have the same drive and get the same message using Verbatim DVD-Rs. No messages when burning CDs though...
  12. hermie54

    defining start time of 1st track in Spin Doctor

    Ah, that's what you're on about. Yes, just hit Record and then put the needle on the record. When it's finished with side 1 hit Pause (not Stop). Turn the record over and hit Record again. At the end of Side 2 hit Stop. Now you've got one large file for the whole record. When editing tracks you can have them line up exactly, handy when there are no real breaks. Commands are in the Menu bar. When done you can export the defined tracks only, so it doesn't really matter if you recorded a lot of extra noise in the beginning or the end. Oh, you might take a look at ClickRepair, it works a treat! It's here: http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~briand/sound/
  13. hermie54

    Can Toas delecte the zone?

    Nope, I don't think Toast or Popcorn can. You could try ripping the DVDs with MacTheRipper in order to make them region-free though. Check the Forum link on the page if you need more than the freebie... http://www.mactheripper.org/
  14. hermie54

    CD Spin Doctor Not Displaying Wave

    If I remember correctly CDSD had problems with some third party plugins like VST. Removing those usually solved the problem, I think.
  15. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    Lower speed makes no difference, the error remains. Quite irritating. No errors using Finder, of course.
  16. hermie54

    Toast menu glitch

    But it must be burned to disk, because when I put one like that in my standalone DVD player for the telly it is exactly the same on that screen...
  17. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    Turning Buffer Underrun Prevention Off makes no difference at all, the error remains. No explanation list in Toast's Help file and no Log button for trying to figure out what exactly it is that is requested "illegaly" by Toast. Me not exactly happy...
  18. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    The speed was set at "Best", but buffer underrun was indeed on. Next time I'll switch it off and see what happens.
  19. hermie54

    LaCie d2 FireWire DVD SH-S162L error

    OK, this is the error I get, it says: The drive reported an error: Sense Key = ILLEGAL REQUEST Sense Code = 0x26 INVALID FIELD IN PARAMETER LIST This is with a brandnew LaCie d2 FireWire DVD, which for a few bucks more can also be bought with Toast 7 bundled. After hitting OK the DVD burns and verifies normally, I think.
  20. hermie54

    FLAC to AAC conversion now causes 7.0.2 to quit.

    Thank you for the update on your Retrospect adventures, tsantee. Besides you some guys on the Retrospect forum said they got it working without problems. I'll soldier on... For developers on Mac I think it has always been that way. One component, security or OS update after another. I'm sure they learned to live with that. But for complex programs, why not release two versions, Intel and PPC? Wouldn't that be a lot less hassle?
  21. hermie54

    FLAC to AAC conversion now causes 7.0.2 to quit.

    Hope that the Roxio folk who read this forum put the problem on the techie's desk? And then again hope that the "near future" for Toast's next update is finally upon us. Don't hold your breath though, me thinks that it has been ready for ages but they're having trouble with Universal Binary stuff. Might be completely wrong here, so I more or less expect a slap from Roxio for saying this. Silly me, thinking it is probably still alright... Anway, getting one-on-one tech support is sheer impossible. Company policy I suppose, it's happening more and more. Take EMC Insignia (Dantz) with Retrospect for instance. I've now got my internal LaCie NEC 3520AW and an external LaCie FW/USB2 FireWire drive. Both of them work with Toast, Finder or whatever but no dice with Retrospect Desktop. The trays open and close, but that's it. No spinning up discs, nothing whatsoever. Retrospect just sits there becoming unresponsive after a while. Yet with other people it all works fine. You don't want to know how long I've been busy trying to get someone at their end to look into this. No luck at all, of course. The solution is probably something simple, but I don't know OS X's guts as well as OS 9. Still, I'm not giving up! Sorry for this Retrospect tech support example on my dearest Toast forum. My excuse is that I'm getting a wee bit more frustrated each and every day...
  22. hermie54

    Failed Dual Layer Burns With Up To Date 10.4

    With my old internal Pioneer I couldn't read rather old MMore CDs anymore. Well, one could almost look through them. It had something to do with corrosion of a layer in CDs before they changed whatever is in it. But... there are scans of my son's school diploma's on them and he really needed them. Yep, this old fool apparently was the only one to scan them in at the time. Guess what? My new internal NEC (LaCie) DOES read them. Slow of course, but I did manage to copy them off. At the moment I backup to my second internal HD and a replacement external FW LaCie Pocket Drive. Still, I want a DVD set as well and Retrospect won't work with the NEC. Hence the external LaCie (Samsung) on order. Supposed to arrive next week. About media, how about this? I've ordered a spindle of Verbatim CDs from which the disc info reads Taiyo Yuden. Howzat? Looks to me like it's one big mess in media-land...
  23. hermie54

    Failed Dual Layer Burns With Up To Date 10.4

    All nice and well, but there is one major flaw with Hard Drives: the nature of the beast. Meaning sooner or later they break down and may literally go up in smoke (like one of mine last year) and gone is the backed up data. A spindle of discs won't do that...
  24. hermie54

    ext DVD drive is good with toast?

    I think it must be something to do with either Toast or the Mac OS, because i get exactly the same behaviour with my internal NEC 3520AW. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sorta lottery...
  25. hermie54

    Toast 7 Won't Open - Again!

    Can't it be the wrong number being put it? Like I think there is a TSID number, whatever that is and then a CD-key and a Serial Number? Also, to be on the safe side, please check if you have any haxies installed. Or installed one ages ago and forgot about it. They can cause freaky behaviour...