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    ext DVD drive is good with toast?

    I just ordered the LaCie 16x Lightscribe external. I don't care much about Lightscribe, but the good part for me is that it sports both a FireWire 400 and an USB2 port. Meaning it's interchangeable with almost anything. Ohhh, since Lightscribe is now a must for LaCie they ditched NEC. Inside the case now lives a Samsung. I gambled on future Retrospect support...
  2. hermie54

    7.0.2 Patch Download won't "unzip"

    Have you tried unzipping it using the Finder? Either highlight the file and then in the Menu-bar goto File ==> Open With ==> BOMarchivehelper, or Control-Click and instead of StuffIt Expander chose the Open With thingie. Or indeed, check if your StuffIt Expander is the latest version (, should work fine.
  3. hermie54

    Toast 7 Questions on Recording

    OK, to burn CDs that sound better then the original album do this. Record one side of the record in CD Spin Doctor and then hit Pause, not Stop. Turn over the record and hit Record again. At the end of Side 2 hit Stop. You now have the complete album on one single file. Next let ClickRepair strut its stuff on the file. You'll end up with a new file, your original remains unchanged. Read ClickRepair's homepage for more info. It really works! If you're happy with the result edit tracks in Spin Doctor and do additional filtering if you think that it is still needed. When done send the whole shebang directly to iTunes or, if you want a CD or compress to FLAC, send to Toast for burning straight from Spin Doctor. Done! BTW ClickRepair is platform independent and can be found here: http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~briand/sound/
  4. hermie54

    Failed Dual Layer Burns With Up To Date 10.4

    Yep, DL problems here as well. The first few burned fine, but a couple of months ago I started getting coasters with the same Verbatims. No idea why though, sorry.
  5. hermie54

    What Is Roxio Up To With Popcorn 2?

    I mean, first there was Toast 6 and along came Popcorn. Fine. But then Popcorn got rolled into Toast 7 and we were asked to upgrade. Also fine. So why, instead of releasing the long overdue update to Toast 7 (afterall it's still not "finished", people need 7.0.1 for audio and 7.0.2 for video for instance) they put Popcorn 2 on the shelves and even offer an upgrade price for Toast 7 users. What are those Toast 7 users supposed to do? Spend more money on Popcorn 2 to perhaps find out later that this new version is going to be rolled into Toast (8?) too? Just wondering. As usual no pre-release info about Roxio's warpath, but I suppose an upgrade email will arrive in a few months time. Oh, does anyone know what Popcorn 2 is based on? As far as I know Popcorn 1 was a modified DTOX1 engine, so perhaps the new one has a tuned DTOX2 inside? Rather confusing, Roxio's ways...
  6. hermie54

    What Is Roxio Up To With Popcorn 2?

    Hi patatrox, glad to see you're still around! Thank you very much for chiming in. Can you please elaborate about the path Roxio plans to follow regarding Toast 7 and Popcorn? Are they going to go through a divorce or do they stay together and will the new version eventually take over the functionality from Popcorn 1 in Toast 7? Meaning is there a valid point for Toast 7 owners without an iPod, PSP or whatever to buy Popcorn 2? Better engine, perhaps? Personally I'd prefer it to be rolled into Toast, leaving me with 1 app instead of 2. But if for that to happen will take years, the outlook changes again of course. I'm sorry, but I don't really know what to think about this release for people who already bought Toast 7 and aren't running an Intel Mac...
  7. hermie54

    Which External Fw Burner To Buy?

    I'm thinking about buying a second external FW (800?) burner, but have no idea about which one. I think someone posted a comparison URL in the past, but I can't find it anymore. Perhaps it was on the old forum. Nothing Mac-specifit on Videohelp.com either as far as I can see. Anyway, if such a URL for Mac compatible burners exists and someone has it, please post it here. The idea is to make a shortlist and then check if they are Retrospect compatible. My internal NEC 3520AW should be, but doesn't do a thing with Retrospect Desktop and trying to make a custom profile doesn't work either. Retrospect just goes unresponsive in a few seconds. Works sorta alright with Toast 7 though. TIA!
  8. hermie54

    Which External Fw Burner To Buy?

    Weird... My NEC 3520AW internal came from LaCie but hasn't worked with any firmware upgrade nor Retrospect 6.1 driver update sofar. Of course I'm running the latests on both. The only thing I can think of is that it must be an ATAPI-issue. But I don't know what to do about it. Thanks for the XLR8-pointer, I'll check it out ASAP. Too bad there aren't any FW 800 drives cuz I still have a free port. My two 400's are occupied you see. But then, I suppose I could chain my Pocket Drive with my Fire-i webcam. I also have a USB2-card installed and I saw that the two externals on the LaCie site have both FW and USB. I assume they're NEC's again in a LaCie casing and are both the same drives essentially, be it one delivered with Toast 7 and some other bells and whistles. Thank you very much for the info!
  9. hermie54

    New Toast - Cant Burn Cd

    I'm sorry, but it is. I do... Don't get me wrong, please. I really wish Toast 7 to be the bestest version yet. And in a way it is with all its new features. The sad thing is that a lot of the fun gets spoiled by actual burning problems. For instance drives reporting errors to Toast 7, but don't seem to report them to Toast 6.1.1, resulting in fine discs. These problems started on launch day and the old forum was full of them. Let's hope it gets sorted somehow/
  10. hermie54

    New Toast - Cant Burn Cd

    I'm not tossing shedloads of Verbatims, sorry. You could do me a favour though by getting of your high horse... OK, I'll try to be good now and sit here waiting for the next update to see the light.
  11. hermie54

    New Toast - Cant Burn Cd

    Perhaps are the errors the drive generates caused by some communication problem between Toast 7 and the drive in question? Never had Sense Key or whatnot errors with any prior version of Toast and all the drives I've owned during that time. Sense Key error: the drive is malfunctioning. OK, burn through Finder or another app. No problem, drive not moaning and disc burned. Ergo...? But nope, according to local gurus: the drive is bad, replace drive instead of losing faith in Toast 7. Right!
  12. hermie54

    New Toast - Cant Burn Cd

    Sorry frenchtoast, but I'm not buying it. Never had a problem with Toast 4, 5 and/or 6, but am burning occasional coasters with 7. Everytime one gets the same answer: use different brand of media. When that doesn't work, it is quickly followed by: your drive is on the blink. Balony! If there is something on the blink it's definitely Toast 7! Let's hope 7.0.3 or whatever number Roxio cooks up next will fix some problems soon. But then, it's already more than 3 months since 7.0.2 saw the light. Anyway, I'm not holding my breath...
  13. hermie54

    Best Blank Cd And Dvd Sources

    I think Verbatim is equaly good. The real ones from Mitsubishi Chemical I mean. Check your drive's recommended media list. For my NEC it says Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden for instance. But different drive manufacturers will probably have different recommendations. Still, I think the media importance is a wee bit overrated. The box of cheap Fuji's and a small spindle of Imation DVD's I got for a Sinterklaas present burn just fine...
  14. hermie54

    Tech Contact - Gad!

    If I remember correctly one culprit that prevented people from downloading the update was Netbarrier. So please check if you have a firewall of some sorts installed and then switch it of and try again. Can't think of anything else, sorry...
  15. hermie54

    Burning Rm Videos

    Convert them with ffmpegX to DivX AVI mencoder. You can find ffmpegX here: http://homepage.mac.com/major4/ On the bottom of the download page you can download a pre-chewed library to have it recognise RM files (note that the extension must be .rm - if it's .ram change it first). Some AVI files work and some don't because mostly AVI is used as a container and the files in it can be just about anything... It's a tricky business (I'm a video rookie as well) and this videohelp (Mac) forum may be of some help too: http://forum.videohelp.com/viewforum.php?f=9
  16. hermie54

    Applying Filters For Lps That Have Already Been Imported

    A filter doesn't just take out the pops and clicks, it works on the whole file. If you want to remove pops and clicks in a different way, try ClickRepair: http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~briand/sound/
  17. hermie54

    Bit Perfect Flac Rips With Tt7

    I just read on the Max forum that the developer is looking into making an EAC equivalent for Mac. Lotsa problems though.
  18. hermie54

    Real Player Vid To Dvd

    I just downloaded the already built reallib folder from the bottom of ffmpeg's download page and put it in where ever it said to put it. When I drop a file on ffmpeg I get the filename in the "open" field and the saved file name in the "save" window (which is not leading to lib Toast). Anyway, somewhere I read that for ffmpegX to deal with Real Media the filename has to end in .rm. So if it's .ram give it a new try with .ram changed to .rm please. Can't think of anything else at the moment, it works just fine here. My ffmpegX is registered, but I'm not sure if that would make a difference...
  19. hermie54

    Applying Noise Reducing Filters

    Loran, if you're going to record LPs I strongly advise you to use ClickRepair on the Spin Doctor files. It doesn't filter, but repairs instead. Try it and I'm sure you won't regret it! You can find it here: http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~briand/sound/
  20. hermie54

    Real Player Vid To Dvd

    I think you need the divx mencoder or xvid mencoder settings. Put "Real Media" without the quotes in this URL's search box: http://forum.videohelp.com/viewforum.php?f=35
  21. hermie54

    Real Player Vid To Dvd

    Use ffmpegX to convert the file. At the bottom of ffmpeg's download page you can get the extra lib that is required to have it recognise Real Media files. Here's where you could start reading about ffmpegX... http://homepage.mac.com/major4/
  22. hermie54

    No Sound In Dvd Made From Avi ?

    On the ffmpegX-front, the app has just been updated to 0.0.9.v. The binaries are the same as for 0.0.9u, so if you have that one just replace the app. Lots of PSP improvements, I think. Anyway, you can get it here: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/8988
  23. hermie54

    Imaging All Sessions?

    No experience with Dreamcast discs but if they are the same idea as Playstation then you could try MultiTrack CD-ROM XA which you can get to by turning on "Legacy Formats" in Toast's Prefs. I do remember that when copying PS discs I had to rip them in an old OS9 app first to handle the protection etc.
  24. hermie54

    Cd Spin Doctor And Soundsoap

    No idea about SoundSoap, but if you want to declick albums etc give ClickRepair a try. It really works and i think can't be beat at the moment. You can find it here: http://wwwmaths.anu.edu.au/~briand/sound/
  25. hermie54

    Cd Spin Doctor Help Needed

    I know it doesn't really matter for tracks and stuff, but I backup the edited AIFF as a data file and I'd like to have both sides of a record in one file which is named Artist - Album name. Makes archieving a lot easier. For me the A and B sides belong together, being one record. But I suppose other people do it differently...