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  1. Please try to understand the definition of an Audio CD. It IS 44.100 and 16 bit. Anything else resolution wise and it cannot be an Audio CD conform its specs. Yes, you can burn Data CD's from those hires files, but they will NOT play in a standard Audio CD Player.

    Wikipedia: Compact Disc Digital Audio, "Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA or CD-DA), also known as Audio CD, is the standard format for audio compact discs. The standard is defined in the Red Book, one of a series of Rainbow Books (named for their binding colors) that contain the technical specifications for all CD formats".

    As for ProRes, according to Wikipedia: "ProRes is a line of intermediate codecs, which means they are intended for use during video editing, and not for practical end-user viewing". Which may explain your problems. It's simply not a format for burning.


    Duck-Duck-Go is your non-tracking friend.

  2. Ehmmm GottaRun,


    You're posting this in the Toast 17 (and Toast 18 I suppose for the time being) forum, but your screenshot is from Toast 14? So how confused is Corel with this one or they don't care much, per usual.


    Sorry, my fault, please disregard because I'm afraid I didn't read you're post with enough attention.

  3. A quick search for ProRes 422 on this forum came up with a post that offers an explanation about why this will not work. It reads:


    Yes, ProRes 422 is an Apple codec in Final Cut Pro X. If you're interested in ProRes, Wikipedia does a good job explaining it.

    My mistake was not realizing that 422 is an editing or archiving codec  -- not for final product, such as a DVD.

    So based on my experience, to make a DVD in Toast, just use a .mov file that's in H.264. Voila!


    Forgot to copy the original posters name, sorry for that. Hope this helps though.

  4. But, ehmmm, James, from the screenshot I take it you want to make a REAL Audio CD? With MP3 as input there really is no point in doing that, you'll get all the restrictions of an Audio CD with sound on it that's Lossy anyway. Yes, it will play in a "real" CD player, but that's about it. I mean, lossy sound cannot suddenly be un-lossied again just by burning an Audio CD. What's gone is gone and stays gone, I'm afraid. Hence formats such as FLAC, Monkey's Audio or Apple Lossless etc.

  5. Hmmm, I had something similar going on. The plugin I already owned from Toast 11 I think did not work. Then I got a new Toast 16 one as a freebie in a bundle somewhere and that one does work. Weird, because it looks like they are exactly the same. Still, that's what happened.

  6. Hi Dana,


    Yes, I can see your point. But since blank DVDs don't cost much (Verbatim for me if possible, please) I would also backup the original files on a Data DVD. Because when the kids grow up they probably will become a bit techie and then you'd have more choices.


    Just thought about another possibility. My Samsung telly is from 2013, but I'm sure I read in its manual that it can also play video from an USB-stick. I must confess I have never tried this and am not sure about the file formats, MP4 probably. The telly does have three USB ports though.


    Have fun, Hermie

  7. You're welcome. But I'm not sure about what you're tryiing to accomplish. Does it really have to be a Video DVD? I mean, a Video DVD like an Audio CD has to comply with a list of specifications in order to play on any set top DVD player or Audio CD player. Therefore, if the original file is high resolution it will be sampled down to Video DVD resolution, meaning loss of quality.


    However, if the idea is to save the files for (much) later you could also burn the lot to a Data DVD, which will hold about 4.3 GB of data. Then, when you want to give the movies to someone they only have to import the original files back into their iPhone, tablet or whatever and watch them straight away.


    For watching on a big screen telly you could use Airplay from your Mac, but quality isn't very good. Using an Apple TV and Beamer on your Mac however works excellent. Just some thoughts, you can of course do both, play around with the settings till you have a decent Video DVD and backup the files to a Data DVD.


    Have fun, Hermie

  8. Sorry for the short reply, but it's half past three in the night here and I just saw your post.


    Anyway, with this image mounted just start DVD Player and hit Apple O, or File - Open Media, then manouvre to the name of the image (2_14_2017 - 7_12_2017) either on your desktop but probably in the sidebar of the open dialog window and it should start.


    The Video_TS holds all the files, while the Audio_TS is empty, although I don't know why the DVD specs turned out this way.


    Hope it works and have fun, Hermie

  9. Well, for me half the time the progress bar doesn't work either, but I just leave it for a while and eventually it pings and the disc is written and verified. This happens with "direct" burns, when I first save as image file the progress bar does usually work.

  10. I'm using an iMic as well now cuz my iMac doesn't have a Line In anymore, works fine for me with digitizing vinyl. Spin Doctor died a long time ago, instead I'm now using Amadeus Pro. In general it works the same as Spin Doctor, but the implementation is slightly different, which means a small learning curve. However, when you get the hang of it it's great!

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  11. My Toast 15 doesn't "see" the update anymore, while it still is there on MacUpdate. Just got an email from Corel support who want me to take a screenshot from the error that is gone because they probably pulled the update. Corel really has no idea at all about how the Mac-world works. Even after all the time they have been sitting on Toast. Let's hope the update returns, properly signed this time.

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  12. Well, I haven't burned anything in the last couple of weeks, so I can't say how Express Burn holds out on my machine. But then, if it turns out to be a video DVD I'll probably use Video Ambush (formerly MPEG2-Works), which always has been rock solid for me and does the burning too. For a real Red Book Audio CD I go the DSP-Quattro route, or Amadeus Pro. For a Data DVD I'll give Express Burn a try though.