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  1. My issue on burning data disk : I used this for the first time for photos. Everything worked fine. Today I burned to data some more pictures and when playing the disc on my blue ray, the pictures were beautiful and then all of a sudden, it showed an icon like a cracked photo or something. I advanced the remote and some pictures came on and were fine. Then this icon appeared again and did not show a lot of pics. Then back on showing pictures. Why doesn't it show that something is wrong with some photos before I burn? Now I have to do all over again? I hope this is making sense to someone so I get a reply! Ma-donna
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    I am having a problem when previewing my project, using menus, all is fine, until it does not move to the next menu. It return to the first menu. Or it says something is unlinked. I'm sure it is a setting, but cannot understand the tutourials, they tell you what to do, but no help if I need help to correct something. Very frustrating. the manuel is pretty worthless. Now I have to do my whole slideshow over again, because everything is out of order or unlinked. I have Roxio Creator 2009. My previous slideshow was videowave, I want to try Slideshow with menus now. I am not a computer guru, so have a lot of trouble understanding everything. Ma-donna
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    Timing the audio track

    Sknis... I'm got all my songs on now, (thanks to you)...and in the right places. But the last song is giving me problems now. It is too long, so I went to "trim" and I'm trying to cut off part of the end and cut of too much. So now trying to extend I got it to go to the spot where I want it to fade out and end...then when I preview, it goes back to the short version. If I can ever finish this, it will be really really nice! Something my family will love want to keep forever. Thanks for your help. Ma-donna
  4. ma-donna

    Timing the audio track

    Hi Sknis, I went in to the settings ...I have it set to make the audio fit the video...According to that, I do have more songs than slideshow. So I went and did a preview and did not have enough songs for the photos. ?? So I am going back to square one, (except for the photos) and add the songs one by one ...I don't want to forget any of one years worth of pictures. I also forgot that I did add about 5 pictures to the batch. So that also put everything off. My problem is I want certain songs for certain pics. I'll be working on this project for months!! lol Thanks for getting me on the tract to check the length more carefully... Ma-donna
  5. ma-donna

    Timing the audio track

    My slideshow is only 23 minutes...the music will be around 28 minutes, which I thought I could trim if needed. The last two songs I deleted and am trying to reinput them one at a time, so it should take the 2 minute song at least ...I have gotten so far, I just hate having to do over again when everything is almost done. I will go in and check out the minutes left again. Thanks for your response. Sknis Ma-donna
  6. I am almost done with a slideshow with music...My problem is I am in Video Wave and I'm adding the last two songs. The song is 3:04...it will only play 1:78.... Same with another song, only plays a few bars. I went to the edit site and tried to change the start and end graph. (the green wavy looking graph). My other songs in the beginning are fine now after lots of hours trying to figure it out. The end Transition doesn't seem to want to work either, but that is not a big worry. I will leave the credits , showing "The End" etc...off if I cant figure that out. I am using all my 2008 pictures for the slideshow and putting music to it, then I will erase all my pics off my computer and do a slideshow each year for my family and grandkids. Help please. Thanks Ma-donna