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  1. Added photos & video. Added 1/2 of the transitions, one by one, & saved after each 8. Got 1/2 way done & program went into Not Responding mode. Couldn't save. Had to remove ALL transitions. Added music. Went straight to rendering a video to send to a memory stick so can show tomorrow at school. Please advise.
  2. Have been working on a short, simple slide show for a special education program I am involved with at school/work. This is the second time I've used the Easy Media Creator 10 Suite (about a year ago I had to buy it as the Creator 7 I was using somehow got a "bug" in it and eventually froze me out). Any way I've added several color panels with text on them. For some reason the text is also showing up on the following 2-3 color panels and/or photos. Can't keep different texts on lthe different panels. HELP! Debbie