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    Inexperienced newbie question

    Thanks -- you have basically answered my questions, and I'm off to buy Creator! (But what's the difference between text as an overlay on top of the video and a subtitle? I guess I'll find out, huh?)
  2. slooch

    Inexperienced newbie question

    By "title" I mean printed words appearing on the screen -- either subtitles, like a foreign-language movie or close-captioned TV, or static titles, like a Powerpoint slide, that explain what we're about to see. What isn't clear from the descriptions of Creator 2009 is this: it says "Roxio Creator makes it a snap to import video footage from standard or high definition camcorders, including AVCHD, so you can use it all in your projects, from making DVDs of special occasions like weddings and birthdays to uploading videos to YouTube." In other words, it says I can take footage from camcorders, but it doesn't say I can wprk on input from a DVD, which is what I want. Is this so obvious that it doesn't have to be stated? It seems that it should be possible. Again: what I want to do is take an existing DVD and splice in some titles and maybe add some voice behind the titles and in a few other places -- to make a new DVD. Will Creator 2009 do this?
  3. slooch

    Inexperienced newbie question

    We need to back up -- and thanks for your reply -- but I don't already have any product. Are My DVD and Video Wave part of Creator 2009, or are they add-ons, or what? In other words, if I purchase Creator 2009, can I get this job done? I appreciate that adding a full voice-over will be a big job -- I was beginning to think more of adding voice to the titles, which seems (to my inexperienced mind) as if it might be easier. But even before that -- can I interrupt an existing video to put in titles (there are convenient moments to do it. This is a job I really want to do, but I have never edited audio or video before. I don't mind working at it, but is Creator the product I want?
  4. I have a DVD that's in a foreign language. I want to insert English-language titles and some voice-over. I have absolutely no experience doing these things, but I'm reasonably computer-savvy. Can I do this? Which product will work for me?