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    Update 1.0.3

    Any idea when we are going to see the update promised 1.0.3 ?? I have a malfunctioning piece of software here I spent good money on. I am sure it will come but sooner hopefully rather than later Pete ScR
  2. PeteScR


    It seems your not the only one, I too have compressed/dropped frame syndrome. It looks like there is a V 1.0.3 out soon so maybe hold on and at least give that a try out. My videos have waited for yonks to be preserved, a few more weeks wont matter Pete
  3. PeteScR

    Irregular speed

    I copied a video today and when I imported it to iMovie09 it seems to be weird. When I play it back, it seems to speed up every now and again and also miss frames out. Any idea what could be causing this? I am using version 1.0.2 (5129) Pete
  4. PeteScR


    Looks like I may have solved this! I took the Scart adapter back to Maplins and swapped for another, it now works. Seems like I must have had a dodgy connector. Phew, Thanks to everyone for their help and responses, anger fully under control now Jim
  5. PeteScR


    The adapter you highlight has female sockets, as has the Roxio product. are you using male/male adaptor leads? Pete
  6. PeteScR


    Thanks, I already bought one very like this from Maplins with an S-Video connector in lieu of the yellow RCA. I have also tried the scart connector and leads I got with my cam corder, its got the 2 phono and RCA, still no signal. I am beginning to wonder if I have a faulty product? Is it normal for the ROXIO black converter unit to get hot? I am hoping someone from Roxio can come on here and trell me what to do, or why they sell a US product in the UK, where connectivity is incompatible apparently Pete (Getting very angry at the time I have wasted on this)
  7. PeteScR


    The connections on the supplied leads are no good in the UK as most video recorders etc use Scart. I have purchased a Scart to S-Video and sound phone connector and tried to use this, still no luck. I seem to be able to get sound but the video screen on S-Video says "No Signal". When I check the sound its fine and if I go forward to burn then go back to video, I see the movie for about 5 seconds in grainy B&W then it goes back to "No SIgnal" I hope I have not wasted a lot of cash on this and that I can find a way from someone to make this work in the UK using a Scart adapter. Thanks Pete