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  1. Hello - I imported a 4:3 DV video clip from my Panasonic camcorder using Windows Moviemaker and saved the file as a DV-AVI. When I view the imported video using WMP, the proportions look correct. I then imported the video into MyDVD 9 and authored and burned a simple DVD. When I play the DVD on my TVs (one is a Samsung widescreen 1080i DLP and the other is a Sony 4:3 CRT) the playback area seems to be 4:3 (as evidenced by two black vertical bars on my wide screen tv, and fits the screen on my Sony), but the video appears to be stretched vertically (ie, everything appears taller and skinnier). If anybody else has experienced this problem and has been able to resolve it, I'd appreciate any tips you might share. Thanks! Andy